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Tampa Bay Buccaneers tidbits

Those who live in the Miami area can, worried that they will be rejected from restaurants and country clubs, claim to be Dolphins fans, have growing fins and live underwater in their spare time. But Miami, like any other city in a state with multiple soccer teams, probably

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The uses of a megaphone

One may think that communication has become quite instantaneous in our time and that certain “old-fashioned” equipment, such as the megaphone, would already be obsolete. Sure we do have text messages and our cell phones are close at hand, not to mention that we

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Free Baseball Drills

Throwing and Catching Review For many, the arrival of spring means only one thing: baseball season, with baseball fever often taking hold of those who play or coach the game. During the winter, baseball players pat their bats and grease their new stiff gloves in anticipation

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