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Safaris in Kenya

So, you have never visited Kenya before? And are you thinking of making it your vacation destination this year? I bet you are very curious about what you can expect to do on an average day on a wildlife safari, then. Let me reassure you and give you an example day of what

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Wellness and Psychology

Abstract Wellness programs are marketed around the world as a panacea for preventative medicine that leads to good health and a longer life. Wellness is not for people who are already sick, but for those whose intent is to stay well. In this article we will explore the

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Roger Clemens Training

Roger Clemens’ training has achieved legendary status. Roger Clemens has not only managed to stay in shape for over 15 years, but he has also remained injury free for most of it. See, it wasn’t that long ago that he was skinny and small and regardless of the drug

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