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Travel and tourism history

2000 years before Christ, in India and Mesopotamia Trade travel has been an important feature since the beginning of civilization. The port of Lothal was an important trade center between the Indus Valley civilization and the Sumerian civilization. 600 BC and on The oldest

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Bora Bora Package Activity

Being the most popular island in French Polynesia, Bora Bora has maintained a mystical appeal as a tourist destination. From an aerial view, the island has been described as “a small emerald in a turquoise setting, surrounded by a sparkling pearl necklace.” As a

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Hotel reservation in the USA

The United States, which is one of the most advanced nations, has a number of hotels of all categories, including luxury, budget and budget. In addition, most cities in the country offer an excellent variety of accommodation facilities at attractively low rates and allow

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