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Venture into the hills of Texas for a great America vacation

First, choosing an area that is rich in culture, has a diverse atmosphere, and can keep you on your adventure for several days can be a lot of fun. A good example of such a place to take a vacation in the United States is “The Hill Country”, this area is located in Texas and contains 55 cities that are located around Austin and San Antonio. Some of the cities are; Fredricksburg, Kerrville, Ingram, Hunt, Comfort, Welfare, Bandera, Boerne, Leakey, Marble Falls, Llano, New Braunfels, Wimberley Gruene, just to name a few. No matter the city you choose, you will feel that you are entering a different world!

Fredricksburg is rich in German culture that you can easily see in the heart of downtown, from restaurants to museums, and don’t forget about all the great shopping you can do. When the season is ripe, grab a delicious-tasting peach. For great entertainment, you must visit RockBox Theater. You can see what they have to offer on their website, but I must warn you, make sure not to drink milk while watching their videos, you are smearing that milk is coming out of your nose.

Get the kids traveling, if you are looking for family fun but would like to leave with a few coins in your pocket, you will want to take your family to the great water park called Schlitterbahn, this huge park will have fun for everyone. Of course you don’t want to go in winter, I think the water of the Frío River will be a bit cold. This park is huge.

Kerrville is full of beautiful places to rest. The Guadalupe River is the heart of this city, you will want to visit Louise Hays Park. Stay in the area and you will have a chance to feed some really neat birds. Or while driving, keep an eye out for the large number of deer you will see. The city has a large herd that has been roaming for years proving that they are here forever. Don’t forget the vast world of art in Kerrville, the Art Foundation is a great place to stop, this museum is very eclectic and has something for everyone.

Dripping Springs is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the Hill Country. In the last 10 years, this small town has grown to have more than 22 housing communities. The city is a great place to visit if you are doing a wine tour with the many wineries in the area and great bed and breakfast places to stay.

Taking a vacation to the United States will take your family to the heart of our vast country, helping all of us see the great beauty, diversity, and culture that can be found in every city or state. Texas is a state that is vast in culture, taking you to European nations and showing you that you can find a small part of the world in the entire Hill Country.

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