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Tips for selling your own property

Have you ever wondered how you can save money when selling your property? Have you ever thought that you have to have a real estate agent to sell your property? With the growing trend of consumers in the sales market now selling their own home, should the real estate agent start to worry? Is now the time to start selling your own home and cut out the middleman?

If you’ve ever wanted to cut out the middleman and sell your property, there are a number of considerable benefits. The main benefit is the savings in commissions. This could be in the thousands. The feeling of being in control and a sense of accomplishment when you have finally sold your home can reduce stress levels and leave you feeling satisfied and a job well done. With a growing number of Internet resources available to everyone, there has never been an easier time to sell your property. However, there are some careful considerations that need to be thought through before taking the plunge; what is the value of your property, what are the benefits to the buyer and how do you intend to advertise.

Knowing how to value your property is not as difficult as you think. All you need to know is what the market considers to be a fair price for your property in your current location. To do this, just take a look around you. What is the value of local properties that are similar to yours; Research local newspapers and real estate agents’ windows to see what similar properties have been priced at. There are even online home price calculators that can give you a price guide. When finding your property’s value, always keep in mind the lowest price you will accept for your property and your ideal price.

Listing the benefits to the buyer is just as easy. Just remember what made you buy the property. Take a look at a local map and list all the amenities, local schools, etc.

Listing your property can be as easy as placing an ad in the local newspaper or searching for websites that allow you to list your property. Taking photos with a digital camera will greatly enhance any ad. With a little research, you could have your ad in front of thousands of potential customers in a very short period of time and the cost of advertising will be considerably less than any fee paid to a real estate agent.

Although doing it alone can be rewarding, there is no substitute for the local market knowledge that a real estate agent can bring to the table. Selling your own home can be challenging but very rewarding. The choice is yours to take.

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