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The characteristics of the real estate market

The real estate market is the economic sector that involves the purchase and sale of infrastructure such as buildings for residential use, commercial premises and the industrial segment. Like any business sector, it is susceptible to the economic forces of supply and demand. The main people involved in this field include the owner, the tenant, the developers, the renovators and the facilitators.

This sector has a series of characteristics that are unique to it. Real estate is durable, as buildings can last for many years, while the land they stand on is indestructible. As a result, the offer is made up of a large part of the pre-existing stock and a very small percentage of new work. Therefore, the stock price varies only according to the deterioration, renovation and new development that is coming.

The stock in this sector could be called heterogeneous since each piece is unique. All buildings are different in terms of the location in which they are situated, their structure and design, as well as the way in which they are financed. Change in this field takes quite some time. This is due to the long duration involved in financing and building new properties.

The property has a unique characteristic in terms of buyers in this market. Property can be purchased as an investment with the expectation of earning returns or as a consumer good with the idea of ​​using it. People may also invest in the market for the two reasons that they use the property for a while before selling it at a profit. As a direct result of its dual nature, it is in high demand as people tend to over-invest in this sector.

Immobility is another unique feature of this sector. Both the property and the land it stands on are immobile. As a result, there is no physical market, which means that one has to go to the place where the property is located. Therefore, this issue makes location a prime factor before investment.

The main factor in the demand for property is demographic, that is, the size and growth of the population. The demographic composition plays a very important role in determining the demand and, as a result, the price. The performance of the economy also affects the performance of the sector, as it plays a role in the ability of investors to take out loans and mortgages to finance their business projects. Naturally, the price determines the level of demand in the sector.

There are several ways to finance investment in the real estate market by government and commercial institutions. Financial assistance can be obtained from commercial banks, savings banks, mortgage brokers, life insurance companies, and other financial institutions. However, the best practice is still to obtain financing from your own savings.

In view of the recent downturn in the real estate market, it is better to follow some guidelines. As a buyer, make sure that the price you pay for the property is very important, as well as the ability to dispose of the purchase later. If not, it is advisable to reduce the size of your mortgage to be safe. As a seller, identify when is the right time to put your property on the market to avoid low offers.

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