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Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Mississauga, Ontario

Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive neighborhoods in Mississauga, Ontario? Well, here they are in all their splendor. Mississauga has grown from a sleepy collection of small towns to a vibrant community of over 700,000 people, a major city in its own right, and yet also the western suburb of Toronto. Although Mississauga is generally considered a middle-class or upper-middle-class area, there are also many pockets of extreme luxury scattered throughout the city. Some of these highly sought after areas of Mississauga boast incredible luxury homes up to 10,000 square feet and more, located in park-like settings with huge lots featuring pools and tennis courts…here’s a brief rundown of some of these areas…


One of Mississauga’s largest, oldest, and most prominent upscale areas, Lorne Park is bordered by Lake Ontario to the south, the QEW Highway to the north, Southdown Road to the west, and Mississauga Road to the east. Lorne Park has many luxury homes located on tree-lined streets, with dozens of homes selling for over a million dollars in 2009. Lorne Park is easily identified by the large, tall trees that are abundant in the area and its proximity to the lake. . There are several sub-areas within Lorne Park, including Rattray Park Estates, which is situated to the south of the Lakeshore, adjacent to the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, and Lorne Park Estates, which is a small Muskoka-like area accessed by private roads, directly on Lake Ontario. Lorne Park High School is a great high school serving the area, and there are many high-end stores available nearby. Lorne Park has many multi-million dollar homes, and you can expect to pay $2 million to $3 million for a nice property as you get closer to Lake Ontario.


Definitely one of the best areas in Mississauga, Mineola West is a small pocket at the western end of the Port Credit neighborhood, running west from Hurontario, south of QEW, bounded by Credit River on its western edge. This area features some amazing luxury homes on large lots, in a park-like setting with a large canopy of trees overhead, extremely quiet and private, yet close to the GO train and Port Credit amenities.


Mississauga Road runs north from Lakeshore Road, to the QEW Freeway and further north to Dundas Street, the University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus, and further to Streetsville and beyond. Along the way, you’ll find some of Canada’s finest luxury homes and extremely exclusive schools, parks and shops, as well as being very close to both the Mississauga Golf and Country Club and Credit Valley Golf and Country Club. Along Mississuaga Road are exclusive streets lined with bags of fine and expensive luxury homes. One of the streets off Mississauga Road is Doulton Drive, which may be the most exclusive address in the city of Mississauga. Doulton Drive has the Credit River and one of the golf courses as its neighbor, and boasts multi-million dollar homes of up to 10,000 square feet. Highest priced sale on Doulton Drive during 2009? 7.25 million dollars… A true luxury!


Gordon Woods is a small, upscale pocket of luxury homes, located near Trillium Hospital in south-central Mississauga. Many people are unaware of this fine collection of expensive homes in a Muskoka-like setting. Gordon Woods was originally built for the doctors who practiced at the Trillium Hospital. Gordon Woods is not easy to find: tucked away with Hurontario on its eastern border, Stavebank Road to the west, Queensway to the north, and the QEW highway to the south. Gordon Woods has an extremely tall tree canopy and is heavily forested. The lots are large and the homes range from classic 1960s bungalows to extremely large modern mansions with circular driveways. Within the tranquility of Gordon Woods, it’s hard to believe that you’re actually in the center of Mississauga.


Credit Mills is an area of ​​large homes located on Mississauga Road, north of Eglinton Avenue, bounded by Erin Mills Parkway to the west and the edge of Old Streetsville to the north. This neighborhood is a little different from the others in the survey, as it was built in the fairly recent past, during the 1990s. Credit Mills features large, modern, and luxurious homes that are 3,000, 4,000, and even 5,000 square feet, in lots that are a bit smaller than some of the other neighborhoods in this survey, easier to maintain! Many of these fine homes sit on court locations, have double and even triple garages, and are filled with the best and most expensive upgrades. The Credit Mills area is very close to the Shops of Streetsville, Erin Mills Town Center and the Streetsville GO Station. The main road through Credit Mills is Erin Center Boulevard.


Credit Pointe is another of Mississauga’s upscale neighborhoods, and is a circular pocket of houses off Eglinton Avenue, with the Credit River at its western edge. Credit Pointe features a few regular homes within its boundaries, but as you move towards its southern end, there are several streets lined with very expensive luxury properties. Credit Pointe is centrally located in Mississauga and has excellent access to both the GO train and the 403 freeway.


Old Meadowvale Village, located near Old Derry Road and Second Line West, is an up and coming area with many new luxury construction, including many $1 million+ homes. Definitely an area to watch!

There are plenty of other posh neighborhoods in Mississauga that feature unique luxury homes; the Sherwood Forrest area of ​​Erin Mills, for example, has several streets of very expensive homes. and there are also some great areas in eastern Mississauga, near the Etobicoke border, that are very exclusive. However, for sheer concentration of wealth, the list above shows the most expensive neighborhoods in Mississauga.

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