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Unique Features of BTO

Tea BTO (build to order) is a system that allocates flats to Singaporeans, providing flexibility in both location and time for potential buyers. Eligible applicants can apply for their preferred location chosen from the sites launched.

The types of flats offered under the BTO are: Studios, 2-Bedrooms, 3-Bedrooms, 4-Bedrooms, 5-Bedrooms, 3Gen Apartments (designed so that multigenerational families can stay under one roof). and additionally meet the needs of larger families who may require an additional full bedroom with attached bathroom).

Unique features of BTO:

  • SECURE 3 – The roof leak is covered by the New Extended Warranty Scheme for a period of five years. Spalled concrete (ten years) and external water seepage (five years) provided for new Housing and Development Board (HDB) floors. Example: Tivelareleased in March 2005.
  • Standard Department with two/three/four/five rooms, with an area of: 35-45 m2, 65 m2, 90-94 m2 and 110 m2, respectively. This type of apartment has glazed ceramic cladding in the bedrooms and dining room, and semi-solid wood doors in all rooms.
  • Premium Department with four/fourA/five rooms or loft unit, with an area of: 90-96 m2, 101-103 m2, 110-114 m2 and 111-120 m2, respectively. This type of apartment has polished/homogeneous porcelain tile in bedrooms and living/dining room, semi-solid wood doors in bathrooms and solid wood doors in all bedrooms.
  • OCS (Optional Component Schematic) This scheme provides greater flexibility and the option to add solid wood internal doors and floor finishes. Subscription pricing is typically 20-30% cheaper due to bulk purchases and minimized labor fees. For flat owners who prefer a variety of door designs and better finishes or tiles, there is the option to opt for schemes.
  • UD (Universal Design). This feature includes ramps placed at the main entrance, larger hallways, level floors within the apartment, wheelchair accessible communal bathrooms, space for the possible installation of grab bars in all bathrooms, switch outlets, TV outlets and telephone that are easily accessible. This feature is available for new HDB floors, such as Fernvale Vistareleased in July 2006.
  • Ferrolite wall. This feature is a new wall patented by HDB that uses a material known as ferrocement, also known as reinforced concrete or concrete, showing similarity to plain concrete, but using less sand, due to the presence of a steel wire mesh. The advantages of this wall is the use of 20% less sand than a concrete one, at the same time that it shows less susceptibility to cracking and to the heat of the sun. It has also improved sound insulation capacity. The Ferrolita Wall was inaugurated in July 2006 to Fernvale Court, Kim TianGreenY tree lodge.

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