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Travel to singapore

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia with a land size of approximately 710 square kilometers. It is also called the city of flowers for the fact that you can see greens wherever you go. For a small country, we have an overwhelming variety of foods to eat. People who came from all over the world set up restaurants or small street stalls to sell food from their own countries. You can easily find cuisine from your own country by walking around the corner.

Singapore may be famous for Marina Bay Sands, the first class hotel, Universal Studios Singapore or Night Safari, its essence also lies in the small hawker centers found within the residential district of Singapore.

Some of the places Singaporeans like me like to go are Jurong Bird Park, Garden by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, and Night Safari. If I ranked the places I would go …

First would be the night safari. Being the first zoo open at night, it is definitely one of the most unique zoos in the world. Apart from going to discos or bars at night, it is also a good option to spend the night. It is a totally different experience than going to a zoo on a normal day, apart from the difficulty to see the animals. At first, I started on the tram and as I was touring the park, they had explanations about each and every one of the animals. I felt like it wasn’t that good as they didn’t stop when something interesting happened. However, I went with my grandmother, so the trip was beneficial for her, as she could not walk for a long time. Also, the tram ride gave us an overview of the whole place, so we knew where we wanted to go next. After the tram ride we went to eat at the food court and took another walk to see the animals that we specifically wanted to see. There were also artists, for example, fire eaters, it was really good.

Second would be the Jurong Bird Park. It’s basically a zoo specifically for birds. Admission for an adult is only around $ 20 and you can spend between half a day and a day inside. There are about 4600 birds of about 380 different species. The place was quite large, clean, and full of trees and flowers. When you enter, you will feel like you are in a tropical jungle with thousands of birds. This place allowed me to experience nature without the dangerous wild animals. The difference between Jurong Bird Park and any other zoo would be that there are no cages. The birds are free to enter and leave the park as they wish. Showing the birds as naturally as they would be in nature.

Third would be the garden by the bay. This is a place that nature lovers would definitely want to go. The whole place is full of plants of more than 200 species. The outdoor areas are completely free and have been divided into different types of plants. I’ve been there once before when it just opened. My first impression of the outdoor area was that the plants were recently planted so it wasn’t as nice as I expected. Also, I didn’t go into the observatories that time, so my experience wasn’t really good. However, on my second visit, I went at night and everything was much better than before. I would really suggest going at night! This is because it is the best time when all the lights are on and the whole place is lit by colored lights. The observatories are really worth it as the things you can see there are really beautiful and cannot be seen elsewhere. It is also a good place to hide from the sun, as it has air conditioning.

Next would be the Singapore Flyer! It is the largest observation deck in the world! At the top of the wheel, you will be able to see places like Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, the floating platform and also Garden by the Bay. On good weather days, we may even be able to see Malaysia or Indonesia. The view from above is impressive and a full round is approximately 30 minutes. There is a lot of time looking in all directions and taking many pictures of the beautiful landscape on a good day. There are quite a few people who got married at the wheel. It would definitely be a unique and special day for the couple. With a handsome groom, a gorgeous bride, and the panoramic view from above, it would really be a memorial day. As well as going up for the views and some people getting married, meals are also served in the capsule. I am puzzled by the way the food stays warm as it rises. However, it’s not really cheap and could cost up to a few hundred for just one meal. There are also shops located at the bottom of the Ferris wheel. People could get a fish spa, flight simulator and also eat some of the local food at the street vendor center.

There are other cool places to go like the USS and MBS, however I would go if you experience it for yourself.

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