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Staying at the Cigaran Hotel Istanbul

The most luxurious hotels are found all over the world, but they all have a few things in common. All of these hotels have large rooms, first-class restaurants, beautiful courtyards, and staff to provide everything you need and more.

Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on the cusp of two continents, and you can experience the city that has been the capital of three different empires from the Ciragan Hotel in Turkey. Located right on the Bosphorus on Istanbul’s Asian shoreline, this luxurious hotel is the only Ottoman imperial palace that is also a hotel. The hotel’s location is central in the city; Located in the Besiktas district, it is close to the lively Beyoglu area. Its prime location and impeccable views make it no wonder this hotel is a stopover for celebrities, politicians, and other wealthy individuals.

All restaurants and bars at Cigaran Hotel are equipped with a balcony or terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. Laledan Restaurant is a great place to start the day with a hearty breakfast. This restaurant offers organic Turkish, Arabic and Japanese breakfast buffets to start your day off right. Don’t miss a Turkish brunch here every Sunday.

Tugra Restaurant, which means the official seal of an Ottoman sultan, is located in the original Ciragan Palace. With live classical Turkish music while you eat and a classic Turkish menu, you’ll be treated like a sultan. The Gazebo Lounge is located right on the Bosphorus and offers all three meals a day. It offers a continental breakfast, a sushi menu most days, as well as a daily afternoon tea buffet.

The Gazebo Lounge brings a modern twist to the historic city. Finally, the Ciragan Bosporus Barbeque is only open during the summer months and grills meat and fish fresh from the Bosphorus. In addition, there are three bars at the Ciragan Hotel: the Ciragan Bar, Le Fumoir and The Summer Lounge which, as the name suggests, is only open during the summer months.

On average, room prices start at around 500 euros per night and only go up from there. Almost all rooms have a Bosphorus view, but the prices depend on the view and the size of the room you choose. The hotel has three categories of accommodation: rooms, suites, and palace suites, and each of these categories has several subcategories. Needless to say, there is a wide variety to choose from depending on the price you are willing to pay.

The Ciragan Hotel Istanbul also has a renowned Spa and Fitness Center that is open all day. It offers laundry services, several places to shop and a business center, as well as wireless Internet services.

You shouldn’t dismiss this hotel completely if it seems to be out of your price range. The Ciragan Palace Hotel offers package deals for weekend getaways, business trips and days around events taking place in the European Capital of Culture 2010. It has deals on accommodation as well as tours and other events. With all the benefits and services that this hotel has to offer, it is worth treating yourself to a few nights at the Ciragan Palace Hotel in Istanbul.

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