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Six Ways to Reuse Vinyl Flooring Tile

Vinyl flooring has many benefits as a surface in the home. Not only is it affordable, but it is also available in many different colors and patterns. It is also easy to maintain. Whether you have pieces left over from an installation project or purchased especially for other uses, consider several options for reusing this material.

Line of cabinets under the sink

The areas under the sink in the bathroom and kitchen are often wet and dirty places. You can help protect cabinets, flooring, and subflooring in these locations by cutting a piece of vinyl flooring to fit the bottom of the cabinet. Once cut, place the piece in the closet, and it will serve as an effective barrier against moisture and dirt. If you have active plumbing problems in these areas, consider fixing the leaks before moving forward with this project, because water damage will continue.

Protect wood from clamps

Working with wood often involves holding pieces together with nails, screws, or glue. When joining wood with clamps, care must be taken not to damage the surface of the wood with the clamping accessories. To avoid unsightly damage, cut small pieces of vinyl flooring and insert them between the hardware and the wood to protect the wood from dents. Once finished, remove the clamps and brackets.

innovative coasters

Wet objects on wooden surfaces can cause water damage. Whether you place glasses on a coffee table or have planters on shelves or side tables, it’s easy to allow moisture from these items to damage your wood furniture. Cut circles that are about 1 inch larger than the diameter of your pots or glassware, and then glue the two circles together right sides out to create an attractive and practical coaster.

Wooden cribs

Wooden wedges are useful around the house when you need to stabilize a piece of furniture, such as a large bookcase or table. Make small wedges out of small pieces of vinyl and slide them between the furniture and the floor for stability.

utility splash guard

A backsplash covers the area between countertops and cabinets. In a kitchen, the backsplash can be an expensive material, like tile or stone. In other rooms of the house, such as a workshop or laundry room, you can opt for a less expensive material to serve as a backsplash. Consider covering this area with a remnant. You can choose a piece with colors that match the decoration of the room. The material will serve as a protective barrier for the wall that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Mats for Various Purposes

Several areas around your home could benefit from small vinyl floor mats, cut to size. For example, make a mat to keep the area you use for pet food clean. Cut another mat to use under a litter box to simplify cleanup. You could even use cut-to-size rugs as art mats for kids to keep work surfaces clean of paint and glue.

Get new and imaginative uses to fulfill a number of purposes in your home.

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