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Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Surrender to Stillness

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you’re an experienced yogi who wants to dive deeper into your own practice or a teacher looking to add yin yoga to your toolkit, you can take this yin yoga teacher training online from one of the best schools in the world. It offers a wide range of tools, methods and techniques to help you create the right learning environment for your students and build the foundations of a yin practice that’s aligned with their unique biology and biography.

The course is a blend of practical and theoretical teachings, including yin yoga teacher training online asana demonstrations, guided meditation and gentle breathwork. It covers the anatomy of the connective tissue, skeletal structure and joints as well as the energetic aspects of yin yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to this, the training helps you understand when tension may be arising from other causes than short tight muscles and how to adapt yin yoga for your students with special conditions.

The training is led by Yin yoga instructor Kate Lombardo who’s an E-RYT 500 and a YACEP teacher. It’s a highly interactive, self-paced and affordable course that’s available worldwide. You can choose to study in an immersive retreat-style setting or you can complete it online at home or anywhere else. It offers a variety of learning tools and also provides a certificate upon completion.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Surrender to Stillness

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive online yin yoga teacher training, look no further than this 100hr training. It combines three shorter modules (a 50hr, 30hr and 20hr) but you can take them all together or individually depending on your needs. It’s primarily designed for teachers but is suitable for anyone who loves yin yoga.

This is a more advanced online yin yoga teacher training with a lot of theory and hands-on teaching. It covers all the essentials, such as understanding the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their relationship to yin yoga, as well as exploring the meridians. It also includes practical teaching tools such as yin yoga poses, meditations and a discussion group with the instructors. It’s also accredited by the Yoga Alliance and counts towards your continuing education credits.

Whether you are looking to deepen your own personal practice or want to teach others, it is important to choose the right yin yoga teacher training online for you. There are many factors to consider including prices, curriculum, the materials offered and long-term connections with course trainers. Some courses are designed as residential retreats with additional hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn about other subjects such as acupressure and massage. This type of yin yoga training can be more expensive but it may also offer a more intensive and immersive learning experience.

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