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Online Dating – Needle in a Haystack?

Without a doubt, internet dating has become a unique part of modern love. In fact, in New York, Internet dating has become so popular that it is now called simply “couple shopping” or “hyper dating.”

Online personal ads were one of the first niche markets on the web at the beginning of the web revolution and statistics now predict that 50% of single people will connect with a partner online. However, with thousands of dating websites to choose from around the world, finding the right one can be difficult.

If you’ve ever joined a general dating site, you know that searching through a number of profiles, with a wealth of personal information on cleaning habits and the like, doesn’t mean that you’ll really get along with someone. . But the good news is that online dating is evolving, with recent trends showing a move towards specialized dating sites that aim to match people with similar interests.

Sometimes linked to lifestyles, like cyclist dating sites, interest-based dating sites are leading the way for a new generation of love-seeking people on the global web. With literally millions of people using the Internet as a new social arena in which to make new friends and find a partner, people are discovering that there is a much greater chance of making that all-important connection through a dedicated site where members have shared interests. . .

A recent survey by music-mate.com revealed that 80% of its members preferred interest-based dating sites, stating that it was easier for them to make the first contact.

Music-mate.com creator Diane Ainslie understands this new trend: ‘I’ve used the internet in the past to find a date and I really liked the idea of ​​being able to meet people without the usual fuss. But I often found that I didn’t have much in common with the people I knew. As a huge music fan, I found that meeting people who shared a passion for the same music as me was a great foundation for developing new relationships. You have something to talk about right now!

And there is the key. Joining a widespread dating site can be like visiting a strange city without a map. How do you start to orient yourself? By choosing an interest-based site, you are starting on familiar ground. It’s easier to start talking, and you’re more likely to meet someone with whom you have something in common. If half of single people use the Internet to find a partner, finding that special someone is like finding a needle in a haystack. It might be time to jump on the latest train and find a dating site that interests you!

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