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My vegan journey: 11 months of self-improvement and the law of attraction

On my birthday last year in February, I gorged myself on a cake from a local store that made homemade cakes from scratch. It was so good that I couldn’t eat enough and ate for the next few days with a little help, but it was killing it!

I had been a Pescatarian for almost a decade and was happy to have stopped eating animals and was doing my part to help save their lives and improve mine at the same time. However, something strange happened to me three days after my birthday. I woke up and decided to go vegan. A) Yes.

And so the journey began

I started on a path of self-discovery and self-improvement. I watched documentaries and read books on the subject of the law of attraction. I read the Kybalion. I made a visual fruit and vegetable board and put it on top of my television. But I didn’t stop there. I researched topics on plant-based lifestyles and their benefits. I became interested in learning other subjects as well. It was as if something inside of me was turned on and was connected to the great web of information and could not absorb enough knowledge or learn fast enough.

I started to see anything that had to do with the conscious mind and how it works. I got into quantum physics and was intrigued by “the double-slit experiment that demonstrates how thoughts can change an outcome, leading to spirituality and spiritual awakenings. And my life was starting to make all kinds of sense to me. Now I wanted to start traveling and knowing the world, ancient history was becoming very important to know, and their knowledge was on the same path that I was on, I learned to meditate and since August of last year I do it faithfully every day.

I started to take care of myself from the inside out, first letting go of the people in my life that were false and not conducive to my growth, I just let them go. I stopped watching the news because they lie and only tell you what they want you to believe. It is a distraction from what is truly important in life. My eyes were starting to go wide! I started exercising regularly and drinking mostly water, the higher the pH balance the better. I learned about the intermediate fast and have incorporated it into my daily life. I’m thinking more clearly, sleeping better, and my creativity had blossomed.

I’m an artist. I always dreamed of having my work in a gallery so that people would come to see it. I paint when I am in the area and let the brush flow with all the colors of the paint. With little money, I would paint on pizza boxes because it was free. This year my thoughts have created my world! A friend bought me an easel and artist canvases. Friends and family bought me more canvases, paint, and art supplies, even information on calling local artists to showcase their work! I had my paintings in a gallery and I even sold one almost immediately this summer.

Lastly, I just bought a round trip ticket to visit Germany, which has always been on my bucket list. My life is wonderful and I am truly grateful. I just wanted to share it in the hope that someone will be inspired to make changes that will help you be your best self too. It is never too late. Thanks.

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