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Mood Ring Colors for Different Mood Situations

The colors of the mood rings indicate different mood situations. Life consists of dynamic situations of humor and only a dead person can exhibit a permanent state of mind, a dead state of mind. Just look around you, your girlfriend won’t always be in a good mood, her parents aren’t always the nicest people in the world, her boss shows different moods all the time, just like pregnant women. Moods, if represented as a graph, human emotions will definitely feature constantly changing phenomena, because you can’t keep them the same. Let’s find out how mood rings were recognized and how “mood rings color meanings” actually work.

The history

It cannot be said for sure who actually invented these extraordinary rings. Joshua Reynolds is believed and recognized by many as the inventor of mood rings, also known as moon ring color meanings. Some historians think that a guy named Marvin Wernick was the real inventor of these rings and Joshua Reynolds took the remnants of his (Marvin’s) work to make these rings public. Anyway, we’ll stick to Reynolds, who introduced these amazing rings in the year 1960. A decade later, these rings had already become obsolete, but today’s people have reincarnated mood rings as fashion symbols.

Mood rings have now become an entirely separate type of ring and are offered in many different ranges by many sellers. Let’s go into some detail about “mood ring color meanings” and how they actually work to indicate a person’s mood.

The basic principle

This may sound amazing, but your body temperature has a direct influence on mood swings. You all must know that the temperature of a body varies with the mood, although these temperature changes are slight, but they cannot be neglected. The ambient temperature also has a great influence on the color of these rings. Have you ever noticed that whenever you are in a good mood, especially in a romantic state with your wife or girlfriend, you feel warm? “Warm feelings” ring a bell? Yes, there is a slight increase in body temperature. Body temperature increases by substantial amounts when you are anxious or angry, and then the body tries to cool the temperature down to a suitable level. It means that the body has a tendency to increase or decrease its temperature with respect to emotional situations.


These rings are made of hot, chromic elements with liquid crystals inside. Liquid crystals have the ability to change color with the change in temperature. So as the body’s temperature rises, the liquid crystal changes color.

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