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Mature Skin Care: 10 Simple Steps To A Complexion To Be Proud Of At 60

Any woman can have a beautiful complexion at any age. You can’t buy it, it’s not free, but you can also discover how to have perfect skin. 10 easy steps to a complexion other women would die for. For these 10 easy steps you only need 10 minutes a day. The important thing is every day, or do you think beautiful celebrities skip night cream when it’s late!

Learn how to put your skin in the best light. Attenuate, reduce or eliminate imperfections. Enhance, pamper and protect. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about what you know about caring for mature skin, anti-aging products, and using them to achieve a complexion to be proud of. That is how…

deep cleaning

To remove impurities and dead cells, perform a deep clean every night. Skin is in repair mode at night and the night cream works best on skin with no residue. Re-cleanse in the morning with a gentle, soothing cleanser to prep skin for makeup. Never, ever leave your makeup on overnight. Think, I could age you a week at a time. Cured?


Encourage fresh new skin by exfoliating regularly. Even dry skin will benefit from a gentle exfoliation once a week. Skin prone to large pores around the mouth and nose will need a gentle exfoliation 2 or even 3 times a week. Deeply cleansed pores gradually become finer and less noticeable, makeup looks smoother. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Show your skin some gratitude

Treat your skin to a relaxing and rejuvenating 15-minute mask once a week. It’s better if you relax, but watching your favorite show is better than giving up treatment. A soothing mask works wonders for reddened sensitive skin and reduces redness and irritation. The results get better every time. To really work on large pores, choose a deep cleansing mask and use it only on the areas around your nose and mouth. You’ll soon notice that your makeup doesn’t sit in the pores like it used to. This type of mask really works if you use it often enough.


Nourish your skin with anti-aging day and night creams or serums for mature skin. These are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and ingredients that boost collagen production and skin cell renewal. Skin’s appearance can be greatly improved by cleansing, exfoliating, and then nourishing. When skin cells are cool, hydrated, and invigorated, they appear firm and supple. Isn’t it simple?


Protect your skin especially in winter. When it’s cold, we always wear gloves to prevent our hands from getting chapped, red and rough. What about the skin on our face? Never go out without at least one protective layer of moisturizer on your face. You can even consider makeup as extra protection for your skin in cold weather. The elements deal harshly with mature skin. If you walk, ride or work outdoors a lot, choose a thicker cream to protect and prevent skin thickening and redness.

Hydrate, Hydrate

The suppleness of the skin is the result of sufficient hydration inside and out. Try to drink 8 glasses of water per day. It is the least expensive anti-aging treatment and is also good for the whole body. Coffee and dehydrated alcohol. So try to drink a glass of water sometimes. Don’t underestimate how important this is to keeping mature skin soft and supple. Use a good anti-aging moisturizer in the morning and again throughout the day when you refresh your makeup.

Learn to fool the little lines and wrinkles.

Sweep away tiny lines and wrinkles in seconds. This magic comes in a precision applicator to treat wrinkles, fill and seal in moments. It takes a bit of practice to get right and then it lasts all day. A must for every mature woman. Impressive, simple and it doesn’t have to be expensive. How good does it get?


Use a little concealer magic under your eyes, even if you think you don’t have dark circles. A yellowish-based concealer applied lightly under the eyes, at the outer corners and inside the sides of the nose, brightens the entire face. With the right colors and techniques, it is possible to successfully cover even the darkest shadows. Try it and you will be surprised.

makeup base

Your best friend is the right foundation, when you find it. Foundation makeup for mature skin is available in fluid, cream, mousse and compact forms. Fluid is fine for a quick application, but generally doesn’t offer the coverage we need. A cream or mousse will cover the redness and last longer. The mousse is wonderful because it hides enlarged pores and small wrinkles. It takes a bit of practice to get it right, but it’s worth every moment.

lipstick and blush

The youthful glow comes from a smart choice of lipstick and blush. Dark lipstick is harsh and makes teeth look less than white. Choose softer roses with a creamy, hydrated texture. Use a lip brush to very lightly trace outside the natural lip line and add a touch of gloss to the center of the bottom lip. Then smile and apply blush to your cheeks…perfect.

Your skin will respond with the dewy glow you thought was gone forever. All she has to do is make these steps part of her daily regimen, like brushing her teeth.

Stay on the project, keep an eye out for new tips and techniques that might solve your problem. New ideas fit into a ten minute routine in no time! And finally, paying attention to a balanced diet and a little exercise too, means living our longest and most beautiful lives!

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