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LLC Formation Do It Yourself – Easy and Legal

If you have a small business or are interested in investing in real estate, forming an LLC can be an expensive affair. Usually, a lawyer will charge you quite a bit just to complete all the documents. Now there is an easier way to form an LLC and do it yourself. This will save you hundreds of dollars in attorney fees.

The process of forming an LLC is quite simple and straightforward. To form an LLC, you must first file the articles of formation with the agency in your state that is responsible for corporations and limited liability companies. Typically, LLC Formation Articles are a simple one-page document containing the details of the LLC, such as the name of the company, the person responsible for the formation, etc.

Many states allow the person to submit the articles of company formation online. So, if you can’t find the office, check with the office of the secretary of state for your state, as the agency responsible for LLCs is associated with this office. However, different states have different requirements for LLC formation. For example, in the state of Arizona, a notice must be published in the newspaper after formation articles are submitted, while the state of New York requires an operating agreement that outlines how the members of the LLC are connected to each other and the LLC. It is generally recommended that even if the LLC has only one member, it should have an operating agreement, as it improves liability protection.

Once the relevant authorities in your state accept the articles of formation submitted and you have met all other requirements, the LLC formation is complete.

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