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How to Hurricane-Proof Your Home

Many Americans, along with the rest of the world, were shocked by the power of Hurricane Sandy. What was even more shocking was the trail of devastation he left behind. Belongings were lost, homes were destroyed, and lives were changed.

Although they were aware of the coming storm, the people were not sufficiently prepared to face its wrath. Now that everyone knows the tragedy a hurricane can bring, the best thing people can do is learn from Sandy’s mistakes and make sure their homes can withstand any type of storm.

Here are some ways to hurricane-proof your home:

• Roofs are particularly prone to upheaval when strong winds start to blow. So before hurricane season hits, make sure your roof is properly secured. In most places, this is required by code to prevent any part of your roof structure from flying off and injuring someone. There are many types of roof anchors available depending on your location and method of construction.

• Flying debris and other objects that hurricane force winds can pick up and throw toward your home can penetrate your doors and windows. If your home has many glass windows or sliding doors, you are particularly vulnerable. It is very important to install protective shutters or even impact-resistant glass. If you don’t want unsightly blinds to destroy the aesthetics of your home, you can put a permanent track on which you can easily install the blinds when a storm is coming.

• Having a well-kept yard, free of dead branches, unsaved yard tools, and other items, not only looks neat, but is good preparation for any storm. Having things lying around your lawn only increases the amount of objects that can go flying. Also, don’t forget to pack all your patio furniture, BBQ grills, and potted plants when weather reports indicate high winds are on the way.

• The rest of the house can be storm-proofed, but many times people forget how vulnerable garage doors can be. Garage doors can easily give way and allow high winds or thrown objects to damage your home. Make sure your garage door is made of a strong material or has extra protection just like the rest of the doors and windows in your house.

• A well-protected house is useless if you do not have the basic necessities for sustenance. Keep basic supplies in good condition for at least 3 days always stored at home. Make sure you have drinking water and foods that do not require refrigeration, such as canned or preserved goods. Also have candles, batteries, a first aid kit and a radio.

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