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Home Business Tips – What Will Make Your Year Best Ever?

Every year as I build my home business I realize there are many reasons why every year just keeps getting better. These are just a few of my new beliefs about myself and my home business.

  1. I understand the power of the second and have developed the attitude of expectation
  2. I have become a fan of my own dream. Just like I am a Chicago Cubs fan, I am now excited and excited about my dream.
  3. We all brush our teeth daily, now I understand the importance of a daily heart wash. There are so many negative things in our daily lives that our hearts need the positive to be picked up and reinforced on a daily basis.
  4. Here is one of my favorites from John Di Lemme; resolution vs resutlation, I gladly choose new results over resolutions every day. How many people keep their New Year’s resolutions? Now I choose the actions for the results I want. (result)
  5. I act abnormal, normal makes you one of the 97% of people who are dead or bankrupt by the age of 65. It won’t get you anywhere. When people call me abnormal, I give them a hug and say “Thank you so much!”
  6. The power of my impression of life goes into everything I do. That’s why I wrote the eBook called “How to Fire Your Boss and Make Him Hate to See You Go”.
  7. I have been cultivating the habit of giving ever since I won a coin drawing at work and had to run the United Way Campaign for our division. It’s not just about the money, it’s the attitude of gratitude and what you can do with money. That is why our goal is to sponsor 1,000 children with El Plan.
  8. Event attendees become millionaires, learning events, that is. We have been attending one event a quarter, learning a lot about building a home business and it is paying off.
  9. Face the fear, this should be one of the first on your list. The only place fear exists is in our heads, so I do what I can to “face” it, “extinguish” it, “attack” it, and “return” the FEAR.
  10. When I began to understand the power of the question, it was not in the questions I was asking other people, but in the questions I was asking myself. When I started to question my own behavior and habits, the lights started to come on! Things began to change and definitely for the better.

There really isn’t one magic thing that’s going to explode your home business, you need them all. I wasted a lot of time in the beginning looking for that magical thing that would make everything good! I hope that by reading this article you can benefit from my mistakes and realize that little by little, as you develop all these clothes, you will also see your life get even better.

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