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A Critical World Ventures Review – Don’t Join Before You Read This!

WorldVentures is a privately held travel-based network marketing company. The company started in December 2005 and is headquartered in Plano, Texas. In 2009, WorldVentures acquired Success University, another network marketing company that sells online courses. WorldVentures currently operates in 11 countries: US, UK, South Africa, Cyprus and Israel (just to name a few). In this article, I’ll give you an objective and critical review of the WorldVentures Business Opportunity, briefly highlight their products and payment plan, and give you some pros and cons I see with their model. By the way, I want to disclose that I am NOT a representative of WorldVentures.

First, let’s review your two products

1. The first product they market is the Leisure Travel Consultant or LTC package. Now, what is the LTC package? As a WorldVentures representative, you are giving someone the opportunity to have their own travel booking engine website. They can book their own trip on it, or they can spread the word to people they know to book their trip on your site. As trips are booked on their website, they would earn a small commission.

2. The second product is their flagship product, the Dream Trips Membership. As a WorldVentures representative, you can sell memberships and earn a small commission each time you sell a membership. What exactly is the Dream Trips Membership? Simply put, customers are shopping at a “travel club” that allows them to harness the purchasing power of tens of thousands of other members, giving them the opportunity to travel at discounted wholesale prices.

Now let’s see how you get paid at WorldVentures

There are several ways to receive payments on WorldVentures. Keep in mind that you have the ability to decide if you want to get paid a little… or a lot. It all depends on your efforts and your goals. Also, in this part of the article, I will only explain the compensation plan.

Here is the simplified explanation of the compensation plan:

1. Direct Commissions – You can earn $20 for every new sale you personally make. This can be a Dreamtrips membership sale, a Leisure Travel Consultant package sale, or both (2 for 1 combo). You can make an unlimited number of sales and therefore generate an unlimited amount of $20 commissions.

2. Personal Sales Bonus – In addition to direct commissions, you can also earn a Personal Sales Bonus for every 6 personal sales you make. You can earn this bonus as many times as you want. This Personal Sales Bonus consists of $250 in cash and $100 in Training Dollars. Training dollars can be used for any training event you attend that is hosted by the company. Again, I want to emphasize that you can earn this bonus over and over again and this is in addition to the Direct Commissions you would have also earned for the 6 sales that earned you a Personal Sales Bonus.

3. Weekly Team Building Bonuses (Cycles): With WorldVentures, you only have to build 2 teams: one team at the right time and one at the left. As you build these two teams, sales will be made. Now, every time there are 3 sales on the left team and 3 sales on the right team, you are paid a $100 cycle bonus. Please note that any of your team can make these sales… In other words, when there are 3 sales made ANYWHERE on your left team and 3 sales made ANYWHERE on your right team, this bonus is released. Here’s an important detail about cycle bonuses: The company pays you a $200 cycle bonus each time you cycle within the first 60 days. After the first 60 days, you can continue to earn this $200 bonus cycle as long as you ride your bike at least 3 times a week.

4. Residual Income: For every sixth cycle, you’ll earn $20-$40 in passive, recurring residual income. Keep in mind that as you continue to cycle over time, this residual income will continue to grow. This is a very important aspect to consider if you want to become financially independent. What would it look like if your monthly residual income was equal to your monthly expenses? Over time, this may happen and you won’t have to worry about your monthly bills.

5. Travel Dollars – Just like your residual income payout, for every sixth cycle, you’ll also earn $100 Travel Dollars. These “bucks” can be redeemed for travel booked through Rovia (plane, car, hotel, and cruise). This is an awesome feature as you can literally travel for free (since you’re simply redeeming your Travel Dollars when you travel) and anyone in your immediate family can redeem them.

6. Lifestyle Bonuses – As you promote through the WorldVentures compensation plan, there are some very lucrative Lifestyle Bonuses you can earn. For example, once you reach the position of Regional Marketing Director, the company will award you a $1,000 per month Dream Car Bonus that you can use toward a monthly payment on the car of your choice. And once you reach the position of International Marketing Director, you’ll receive a $1,500/month Dream Car Bonus and a $3,000/month Dream Home Bonus that you can apply toward your house payment. This is a very lucrative feature because the two largest expenses for the average family are the car payment and the mortgage payment. These bonuses equate to over $50,000 a year…which is in addition to your actual income from the compensation plan.

WorldVentures also has a program to recognize and reward people for their hard work. For example, once you make $100,000 a year, WorldVentures rewards you with their $100,000 ring (their version of the Superbowl ring). And lastly, you can qualify for a position higher than your current position by joining IMD in the company.

So as you can see the compensation plan is pretty good and you can make a good income just by helping people save money on travel and/or helping others get involved with the company. With that being said, let me now go into 2 pros and 2 cons from my perspective.

First, the pros:

1. Opportunity: WorldVentures positions itself against three booming trends: the $8 trillion travel industry, baby boomers, and the network marketing industry. On top of that, WorldVentures itself is very young and there is a lot of room to grow and expand.

2. Sparkling Product – As a representative, you will have the luxury of selling a product that almost everyone loves or wants to do: HOLIDAYS! It’s easy, fun and exciting to talk about. And if you can help people save money on their vacations or help people earn money on their own trips, it’s a win-win situation.

And now the cons:

1. Break in Compensation Model (Binary): There are several features in the compensation plan that are designed to NOT pay you what you are worth or deserve. For example, the payment plan runs on a binary model that pays you in two parts. In ANY binary, there is a strong leg (power leg) and a weaker leg (pay leg). Think about this for a second. Let’s say you meet a guy you recruit for your business. Now, let’s say he becomes the superstar of the company and explodes his business by building a team of THOUSANDS of reps. Most likely he is on your strong leg (power leg). Well, you get paid for him and his equipment. But he waits! Weren’t YOU the one who contacted him and recruited him? Weren’t YOU the one who helped him build his team in the early stages? Does the company STILL make THOUSANDS of dollars of monthly revenue on that piece of equipment they built? Why won’t YOU get paid for all the revenue your superstar is responsible for? Because he is on your strong leg (power leg). This is CRITICAL if he is considering the WorldVentures opportunity. At some point, you won’t get paid for your BEST people (assuming they are in your branch of power).

(By the way, this doesn’t mean ALL binaries are bad. There are some companies that run on a binary model but have components in their comp plan that allow you to benefit from BOTH legs.)

2. WorldVentures compensation plan breaks – WorldVentures also has a lot of compensation plan breaks. For example, a MAIN area where there is a break in the comp plan is the fact that you don’t qualify for residual pay until you’re a Director (meaning you have a minimum of 90 active reps on both your right and left leg. Well, I guarantee there are hundreds and hundreds of reps who aren’t Directors but have built decent teams that don’t get residual pay (but the company still generates that monthly income).

Should you join?

WorldVentures is a legitimate business opportunity. However, it is essential that you do your research first and identify if this is the opportunity you are looking for. For example, if you are interested in getting involved at the front end of a young company and taking advantage of the momentum that can potentially occur when the company reaches momentum, then WorldVentures may be for you. But if you’re interested in creating waste from DAY ONE and getting paid the same across your ENTIRE team, WorldVentures may not be for you.

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