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Top 10 Benefits of Using a Virtual PBX Phone System

If you own or run a business, you are most likely familiar with a PBX (private branch exchange) phone system. This local telephone network allows your workers / employees to access telephone calls while sharing some lines or external telephone numbers of the company. In other words, customers who call your business phone number can be quickly routed to the appropriate agents or branches within your business.

Obviously, having an efficient PBX phone system is crucial to the running of any business, large or small. Therefore, the choice and implementation of any PBX must be taken seriously because your decision can often determine the success of your business in the future.

In recent years, many business owners and managers are opting for a virtual PBX system. These are VOIP (voice over IP) phone systems that operate on the web. These are often referred to as “cloud” services because these programs are hosted by remote providers, far removed from one’s home base.

Why do companies choose this virtual solution? Perhaps, the main reason has to do with the main benefits that the use of a virtual telephone exchange provides to any company. These are discussed in detail below, and if you are considering a virtual PBX system, they are probably worth checking out.

1. Full integration

Let’s be honest; We have become a world totally obsessed with mobile computers, one that is completely connected every second of every day. Fully integrating your business into this connected mobile world is the only way to go. The use of a virtual PBX system will fully integrate your business operations in this wireless environment and synchronize all your operations with your computer network.

2. Quick setup or installation

Installation or setup is almost instantaneous as there are no landlines or hardware to install. The common use of cell phones, mobile tablets / laptops makes setting up a virtual PBX system quite straightforward. While many virtual phone providers provide special VOIP phones that your business can use, but depending on the size of your operation, your current smartphones and computers may suffice.

3. Cheaper costs with a monthly payment

Virtual phone systems generally cost less than traditional ones, especially when you consider the expense of ongoing installation and maintenance of a fixed line system. There is a low monthly payment and long distance calls will be cheaper than a VOIP system.

4. Fully scalable

A virtual phone system is completely scalable – you can add lines or numbers in seconds. This factor is important if your business is growing rapidly and you want to keep costs to a minimum.

5. Independent rental

With a web-based phone service, you and your workers have full access to your location. This independence of location means that your business is no longer limited to one location. Plus, it means that customers can communicate with your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

6. Flexible

These virtual phone systems are very flexible when it comes to call handling. There are many options including voicemail, direct routing, or even a virtual secretary if you are operating on a budget.

7. Convenience

Again, having a web-based system will offer much more convenience, as you and your workers are no longer restricted to one location. Calls can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, so this offers great convenience to your workers.

8. Improve customer interaction

Virtual systems can offer more enhanced customer interaction, especially if configured correctly, where a customer is quickly directed to the right service or employee who can solve their problem or problem in minutes.

9. Internet fax

Most of these virtual phone providers also offer Internet or online faxing as an added feature that can be a significant benefit for businesses. Online faxing is portable, convenient, flexible, and much cheaper than traditional faxing methods.

10. Competitiveness

Competitiveness is an important benefit that any business opting for a virtual or cloud solution for its telephone network operations should consider. Any owner will have to consider whether having a phone system that is mobile, scalable, flexible, convenient, cost-effective, and fully integrated into the web will simply make their business more competitive.

There you have it, top ten reasons or benefits any business should consider opting for virtual PBX phone service. However, regardless of how appealing some of these benefits may seem, like all business decisions, it is your decision.

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