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The field is open for new lawyers

An individual interested in becoming a lawyer is presented with a wide range of possibilities as to what type of law to practice. In any professional endeavor, people are often more successful when they are working in an area that they are passionate about. For those who choose to pursue law, whether they want to specialize in a certain aspect of the law or run a multi-area practice, there is an ever-growing variety of areas to consider.

Medical malpractice attorneys, slip and fall attorneys, wrongful death attorneys, and product liability attorneys work in what are considered “high visibility” areas due to the number of lawsuits filed and the number of exposure these lawsuits sometimes experience. Other areas of the law that fit into this category include finance, personal injury, and criminal defense.

Some attorneys focus on multiple areas of the law. There are also those who become experts in one or two areas. These attorneys realize that potential clients value the experience. When a lawyer can show a successful track record over an extended period of time, it increases their credibility and builds trust on the part of the client.

We have briefly mentioned some of the popular areas in which lawyers practice. Below is a more detailed breakdown of some specialty areas of personal injury law.

Toxic Mold: Sometimes called “black mold,” this is a fungus that grows primarily indoors. This mold can release dangerous toxins that can cause serious health problems for those exposed. Attorneys who specialize in this area represent clients who have been affected by exposure to these toxins due to the negligence of parties such as building owners and home builders.

Wire Fraud – Similar to mail fraud, but involves electronic communications. Specifically, wire fraud is an action taken with the intent to defraud money or property through the use of a communication device, such as the Internet. Due to the advancement of technology, more incidents of “cyber crime” are taking place than ever before. These include a growing number of incidents of wire fraud.

Law of the Sea: Also known as Maritime Law or Admiralty Law. This type of law falls into the broader category of international law; by which norms and laws that govern international and territorial waters and maritime routes are established. This includes trade, travel, incidents and accidents involving ships and other maritime vessels. Lawyers who specialize in Admiralty Law are called “prosecutors” when trying cases.

This is just a very cursory look at some of the different types of law that new attorneys have the option to consider. Competition can be strong in the most popular and highly exposed areas of law. But if these are areas of great interest to a lawyer starting his career, don’t be discouraged. The “cream always rises to the top”.

However, if a new attorney finds one of the law’s niche fields intriguing enough to venture into, they can carve out a segment of the market in which they can specialize and thrive.

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