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The 12 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

You are a dog lover … why not make a career out of your love of dogs?

You enjoy nothing more than spending quality time with a furry puppy by your side, so why not make a living and get paid for your “love of dogs”? Dust off your resume, get a dog day or night job, and you’ll never have to work for a living. So now you’re wondering, what are the best possible jobs for dog lovers?

1. Veterinarian

Becoming a veterinarian is what most people think of when considering a career working with animals. In fact, it’s one of the most popular job options for kids on race day. Sadly, not many of them fulfill their dreams. Because, just like becoming a human doctor, you don’t learn to be a veterinarian in a few hours of study. It takes a commitment of several years to education before you can do this. It is a highly qualified profession that will take you 8 to 10 years of study.

Stick with it and you will be rewarded with what many consider to be the most prestigious animal career. You will be able to spend your days working with a wide variety of animals, improving and saving lives, and yes, helping them cross when the time is right.

An alternative option is to become a veterinary technician. It only takes a two-year training course, then it can help with daily veterinary tasks.

2. Dog walker

Do you like to walk in the park with dogs? Because becoming a professional dog walker could be your thing! Many people need help exercising and socializing their dogs because they don’t have the time or the ability to do it themselves. Find a customer, greet your puppy, grab your dog’s leash, and have fun. And yes, get paid for it.

Many dogs can be left alone while their people do other things, such as going to work for a living. Your puppies and puppies need attention and company. You can save the day, help them feel better, and enjoy being with a wide variety of dogs without having to pay for their daily care and paying their food bill.

3. “Pawtographer”

Do you love dogs and do you love taking pictures? Then this is the job for you! Take Rover’s stunning photos to get rave reviews with a career in dog photography! Many dog ​​parents love their puppies on social media, including Instagram, but they’re not very good photographers … You could be the answer to their prayers.

If your specialty is catching the best glamorous look from Rover and Spot, look no further. This is a job designed especially for you. Put your portfolio together with your dog’s friends or other dogs from the dog park. Then the word starts to spread to get paid gigs. Consider the fun of being the special guest for doggie weddings, doggy parties, and boutique glam sessions.

4. Dog sitter

Do you love dogs and do you love sitting? Here’s a great idea that could be perfect for you! Be a professional dog sitter. Help a fellow dog lover take care of their dogs while they are on vacation or traveling.

Hang out with the pack day or night, several days at a time, or just occasionally. It is a good rest for you, for which you will be paid well. Did you know that you can meet dozens, even hundreds, of puppies by your side as a dog sitter? Oh yeah. You will have fun and scratch your puppy’s itch at the same time.

5. Pet Store Sales Associate

Pet stores are fun places to be, and as a store sales associate, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy spending time helping out at the local pet store. All you need is a cheerful, animal-loving personality, and a willingness to help other animal lovers.

6. Dog trainer

How good does it feel when you ask your dog to do something and he actually DOES it? “Sit” and Rover really sits? You are a miracle of dog training, that’s what you are!

Other dog parents have no idea how to make their dogs behave. If you have a talent for training, you can feel delicious satisfaction as a dog trainer. This job requires great dedication, patience and an eye for behavior, as well as a good dose of canine psychology.

Then, you can train all levels and types of dogs, in all sizes and breeds, a wide range of important skills. Take them from basic puppy obedience training and good ground manners on a leash, to proper and consistent recall, to playing with the big dogs at dog shows like Crufts and the Westminster Kennel Club!

Hear and learn from famous dog trainer and bestselling author Kyra Sundance on The Real Dr Doolittle Show HERE

7. K9 Officer

There are police officers and then there is a completely separate breed of K9 officers and their handlers who are a step apart from the rest. K9 officers and their handlers always support each other, to track down and take down the bad guys and keep the streets safe for innocent civilians.

If you are considering this career, you should be able to work well with these highly trained specialized dogs. You will be responsible for not only training your trusted K9 Special Agent, but also looking out for him at all times. Then you can drive with your dog to work all day, hang out and, yes, you get paid well for it too.

You will first gain experience as a regular police office. Then, you will receive months of special training with your dog to prepare both of them on how to handle situations that may arise in the field. Chase and track suspects, sniff and locate evidence, find bombs and narcotics … These highly trained dogs are unique. They are highly motivated and intelligent. And they have an extraordinary sense of smell. What an amazing career you will have, one that you will be proud of.

8. Baker / Chef Dog

Dogs deserve better than dry, tasteless kibble that doesn’t meet their nutritional needs. Today’s dogs ask for a higher standard with human-grade food. That’s where it comes in with chef-inspired meals, with healthy and wholesome organic ingredients.

Today’s picky dog ​​parent wants great canine chefs with solid, innovative baked goods and / or premium gourmet meals to take the Rover dining experience to a whole new level. If you like to bake and cook, this fabulous and super fun race can start right in your kitchen. And luckily for you AND your live dog taster, you can take this race to the bank as well as to the dining room!

9. Hairdresser

While some dogs are born cute and don’t need occasional trims, other shaggy-haired fuzzies have to work at it. That’s where his scissors and his keen eye for balance and style come into play.

You can even specialize in transforming diamonds into “ruff” desperately in need of a bath and easy-care embellishment. Did you know that you can get on-the-job internships for training? Yes, you can be paid to learn the ropes from a professional hairdresser.

10. Canine agent

Do you like to see dogs in movies, television and videos? They didn’t get there by accident just because they’re cute. Those animals have their own agents and trainers.

As a canine agent, you get paid to discover furry four-legged superstars. Consider the famous story of Bonny the Shih Tzu. Off Craigslist, this four-legged “Seven Psychopaths” star landed on her feet walking the red carpet thanks to a dog-loving agent who discovered her brilliance and guided her to stardom. Do you have an intelligent, handsome and well-trained dog? Then you could become his agent and manage your A-lister canine career.

11. Work in a shelter

One of the most important jobs for dog lovers is helping the homeless, abandoned, and rescued find new forever homes. Volunteers do not receive a paycheck, but staff members do.

Both can provide you with a happy high and a large healthy dose of warm fuzzy feelings when you enhance the life of another living being. Volunteers keep animals company, build morale, and become a temporary family for animals looking for a permanent home.

Staff members keep everything running so pet owners can find their dog forever and dogs can find a happy home. You can’t put a price on that, and it’s definitely time well spent!

12. Become an animal communicator

Dogs and all animals communicate mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart, using energy and telepathy. You were born knowing how to do this, but like most people you may have forgotten as you grew up.

Do you have what it takes to be an animal communicator? Find out at Heart School of Animal Communication (link below).

Being able to communicate with dogs is the most important animal work skill you can have no matter what other job you decide to do. Veterinarians, trainers, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, and everything in between depend on your ability to know what the dog is thinking and feeling.

Being able to ask them questions, explain procedures, discuss behavior and training issues, and prepare them for things to come makes you not only a better guardian and dog lover, but also more effective in your work with dogs.

So no matter which dog career you choose, make learning to talk to dogs your first step so you can access their hidden inner world of thoughts, needs, and feelings!

The Heart School of Animal Communication teaches you the Heart Wisdom Method, so it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

What job attracts you the most? Leave a comment below!

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