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Spooky Americana Podcasts

Americana Podcasts

This spooky americana podcast is about everything spooky and unusual, including classic horror films and the spooky stories that inspired them. The show’s episodes range from creepy tales to unexplained events in history. Its format is ten minutes long, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on quality. Each episode is about ten minutes in length, but it is worth it.

“Ghosts in the Burbs” is a fictional story series about a young woman named Liz, who moves from Boston to a small town in Massachusetts. The show’s episodes include scary tales about ghosts, monsters, and people. The show is rated PG-13 due to the eerie content and adult language, but it is an excellent way to get into the Halloween spirit!

For fans of horror, you can’t go wrong with “A Ghost Story.” The paranormal thriller is based on true stories. Sabrina and Corinne welcome the audience to tell their own tales, as long as the story has a spooky element. This podcast also has a Mexican version called “Creepyhunters,” which premieres tonight. Each episode features a fictional tale of a murder.

Spooky Americana Podcasts

For a spooky Americana podcast, try “Trick or Treat” and “Lore” by Aaron Mahnke. These podcasts are full of weird and creepy stories. The hosts of these shows have even featured poisonous museum items, criminal artifacts, and haunted paraphernalia. The show also released special bonus episodes every Saturday during Halloween. During the first season, things in Jars had special guest appearances at Salem Witch Museum and Jamaica Inn.

Another spooky Americana podcast is “A Ghost Story.” It is a crime show hosted by Sabrina and Corinne. It is hosted by two women and features stories from the paranormal. The show is hosted by a woman and features a man with a deformed hand. The first episode of the show will feature the story of a witch hunter. This spooky Americana podcast will help you find the best one for you.

For a spooky Americana podcast, listeners should consider “Trick or Treat” or “Lore” from a popular horror series. While the podcast may have many genres, the most popular spooky Americana podcasts are those that feature oddities and curiosities. They will also feature spooky history, spooky myths, and spooky legends.

The spooky Americana podcast’s hosts, Mindy and Sharon, take a road trip across the country and visit haunted places. Some of these destinations include spooky Redwood forests, a haunted lighthouse in California, and an asylum in New York full of shadow people. The show also features some of the most spooky and ghostly towns in the U.S.

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