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Reasons chickens go to Ireland for their bachelorette party

Many chickens from the UK, Ireland and other European countries choose to spend their last moments of freedom in Ireland. They may have many reasons why they choose to do so. These are some of the main reasons.


The Irish are known for being hospitable, kind and friendly. For many chickens, going to nightlife venues that welcome their bachelorette party is a big problem, especially now that many other towns and cities no longer accept such parties.

Bachelorette parties held in pubs or clubs are only fun when the other people in the establishment are settling in. That makes a true or dare night that much more fun for the group of chickens.

The activities

The trend nowadays is to spend a bachelorette weekend in a certain place. That means spending more time with the closest girlfriends. That also means more time to enjoy various activities.

Many towns and cities in Ireland have a lot to offer in terms of activities. Of course, the activities to enjoy will depend on what the bride-to-be wants. There are certain locations that are perfect for outdoor recreation, entertainment, and other popular bachelorette party activities.

The Establishments

The Irish are known for their pub culture. In fact, pubs in Ireland aren’t just places for a pint. They are also places to eat, meet new people, chat, and have fun. There is no need to wait for the sun to go down as there are also many pubs open during the day.

At night, most of those pubs offer live entertainment. For those who wish to try traditional Irish music, there are some pubs that offer such entertainment. In addition, there are pubs that welcome musically inclined patrons to perform with them on stage. Chickens that have a knack for music may choose to bring their instrument to the pub and play with the artists.

Cities and towns

A good number of cities and towns in Ireland have become popular destinations for bachelorette parties or parties. That will definitely include Carrick on Shannon, which is known as the bachelorette capital of Ireland. The city got its title from the large number of groups of chickens that party there.

Besides Carrick in Shannon, there are other towns and cities in Ireland that also have something unique to offer. As mentioned above, there are so many activities to enjoy in this country, but the type of activity will depend on the chosen destination.

For example, chickens who love outdoor recreation should consider going to Killarney. Those who enjoy surfing should consider going to Letterkenny or County Donegal. Regardless of where the chickens choose to go, they can certainly expect to have a lot of fun, as there are also plenty of nightlife establishments in those towns that will be perfect for your hen party.

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