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ObamaCare, an epic failure indeed

President Donald Trump plans for his administration to work with Congress to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare. Our president believes that there are some good provisions in the law: health insurance is not denied for existing health problems and the ability of parents to keep their children in their health plans well into their 20s. Sure sounds good. Of course, the left doesn’t want the right to touch ObamaCare, and former President Obama is concerned that repealing the AHA (Affordable Care Act) will destroy his legacy of leadership, and maybe he’s right?

Recently, right after the 2016 presidential election, I heard an intellectual claim that ObamaCare added 20 million, those who have never had insurance before. ObamaCare did not add 20 million. It added 14 million if you count the number of insured people who lost their insurance and were forced into ObamaCare. But even that number is wrong, as it quickly became 12 million and is now at 10.5 million (Nov 28, 2016). We have 325 million or more in the US now (not including illegal aliens, of whom we really have no idea how many exactly are here).

Think of this ten percent as 32.5 million. 10 million is less than 3% of our population, while everyone else’s health insurance during that time increased 100%. I would have agreed with that, if my health insurance only increased by that 10% and 32 million uninsured people were insured, but their promises are hollow: ObamaCare is an EPIC failure. Even PEW Research (law office of k-street / Left-Leaning Think Tank) says that ObamaCare only added 12 million and has not updated that number since.

Worse still, in many states people now only have one option for their health insurance, and in some states they have no options. Meanwhile, 40% of ObamaCare subscribers have not paid their premiums. Healthy young people have been shut out of the health insurance market, those millennials are needed to pay and offset the costs so that older people who often need health care services can keep their insurance rates affordable. It didn’t work; ObamaCare is a failure.

Keep in mind that no one is going to die on the streets without health insurance, even if they do not have it temporarily. You see, it’s against the law for an emergency room not to treat a human with an immediate need. Also, the HIPPA (Yes, Bush) rules wiped out most of the free clinics in the bigger cities because of the costs to deal with all those new regulations (IT needs, upgrade costs), I guess the regulations of HIPPAs were due in part to Silicon Valley lobbyists who as technocrats think, with computers you can run and control everything. Anyway, because of this and the illegal aliens who entered hospital emergency rooms, causing the closure of some 200 hospitals, most in poorer areas or near the border, we destroyed our health care system. , we created a monster and allowed the socialists to hijack 1/5 of our economy.

It wasn’t just ObamaCare, but ObamaCare wasn’t a solution either, it made it so much worse, and yes, healthcare. lobbyists wrote that bill and signed it to see what it contained. “It was crap 3,000 pages and the Obama legacy sucks,” some say. I guess I agree, what about you (in hindsight, of course)?

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