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Negotiating Or Reviewing Your Severance Pay Lawyer

Severance Pay Lawyer

With unemployment on the rise in today’s economy, more people are now looking to lawyers to help them with getting out from under a Severance Pay case. But many don’t realize just how important it is to choose a lawyer that will be right for their unique needs. In fact, a severance pay lawyer who treats your case with the particular attention and expertise that it deserves can mean the difference between a satisfactory severance pay decision and a lifetime of hardship.

When you decide that you need help with dealing with your employer, the first thing to do is to get in touch with a lawyer. This shouldn’t be a difficult task – most law firms have professional staff available to help you get started. The first thing that your lawyer will want to do, of course, is review your case. He or she will ask for your feedback on whether you think the employer is being fair in its evaluation of your job skills. If they are, your lawyer may suggest that you negotiate a better severance pay package, or take your case to arbitration.



But what if the lawyer recommends that you go straight to arbitration instead? Your lawyer can still review your case files for the appropriate paperwork and do the same type of analysis that a mediator would. However, because you’re going to arbitration, your lawyer will have to come up with a way to prove that the employment situation is “unfair” and “unjust.” There are some hiring managers who stand by their employment policies – after all, most employment practices are considered legal – but there are also plenty who do not.

Negotiating Or Reviewing Your Severance Pay Lawyer

What should your lawyer look for when he or she reviews your case? The first thing that most experts recommend is for your lawyer to carefully go over all of your job history and qualifications. After all, it’s very easy to take an employment screening class and then fail the exam. This could lead to trouble if, in addition to your failing the initial screening exam, you then proceed to have problems with getting re-employed at the new company you applied to. Your lawyer might also advise you to get a review from another agency to ensure that all of the boxes are ticked on your application.

Another good idea is for your lawyer to interview prospective employer representatives. You probably already know that most human resources departments conduct interviews to hire job candidates. And lawyers are not exempt from this particular requirement. You want your lawyer to get an opportunity to interview both the employer who is considering you for severance pay and the person who is actually getting the severance pay. Sometimes, applicants are offered the chance to negotiate the terms of the severance pay with the employer, but this rarely happens because the HR department usually has the final say on who gets the money.

It may be best, however, to have your lawyer review documents related to any disciplinary action you’ve had against you. There may be a situation where your lawyer can help you negotiate or review your severance pay if there was a bad judgment call made against you. As well, your lawyer may be able to review documentation that pertains to any other employment issues you may have had, such as discrimination. No matter what you need advice on or need to know about your employment, you need to let your lawyer help you. By having your lawyer help you out, you can rest assured that you’re not only dealing with a professional, but with a person you trust.

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