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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Supplies for Your Little Mousekateer

If true. Minnie Mouse turns 80. However, she is the same flirtatious girl that she was back then. She was always giving Mickey a reason to get in trouble. But then, Mickey never needed many excuses!

However, here’s something that won’t be a problem at your little girl’s birthday party: Minnie Mouse birthday party supplies. Minnie Mouse Deluxe Pack includes all the party supplies she needs: invitations, cups, plates, napkins and more. But it also comes with a gift for the guests. Those party favors make the occasion fun for everyone. After all, Minnie isn’t the only one who likes receiving gifts!

Make sure the decorations are complete by choosing a personalized Minnie Mouse birthday banner. Minnie is a happy girl and no one can say “Welcome to the party!” as she can she Measures 61″ wide x 18″ tall, so it’s big enough for all to see. She features metal grommets so you don’t have to worry about her ripping in the middle of the party. Also ideal for an outdoor party, where the vinyl surface will withstand any type of storm, natural or made by children.

Naturally, the kids will need some party hats. What’s a birthday party without a hat? In traditional Disney fashion, those are Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears.

Polka dot favor boxes are a personal favorite. Each box has pastel colored pencils, a mirror and a pink heart brush and a very fun activity book. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mix-up activity will keep them busy for quite some time, you can bet.

Complete the scenario by choosing a Mickey Mouse piƱata. The streamers make it decorative and, at 17″ tall, it can hold lots of fun toys and treats for kids. Give the string a tug and the treats will fall with the sounds of delighted squeaks.

Include in your order a Minnie Mouse Stand-up so that each guest can take a photo with this silly and flirty girl. She’s 3’6″ and may be taller than some of the guests! But she’s easy to put together and makes a great decoration. Add the picture as a keepsake to thank you notes and express your feelings for the partygoer and the caring father.

Phew! Ready for a break? Sit back and drink some juice from one of Minnie Mouse’s glasses. Donald will tell you everything you need to know about throwing a great party. Minnie will laugh and straighten it out, for sure.

Yes, Minnie has been around forever. So isn’t it amazing that Disney keeps creating new Minnie Mouse birthday items for her to make at a birthday party? Mickey continues to shake his head in amazement.

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