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Long-term RV parks or tiny homes?

The definition of reclaimed lumber cited by Craftmark, Inc. states: “Rustic (nail and bolt holes, large knots and checks, weathered patina, looped, rough cut, wormwood, etc.) to nearly perfect wood from transparent vertical grain (CVG) that is almost impossible to find. Yes, it is old. But it is attractive to a new generation of homeowners, builders, designers and architects interested in taking care of the current environment “, therefore, it is considered architectural and artistic.

I found a small reclaimed log home for the price of $ 75,000 in Luling, Tx. Too expensive for our budget and not at all pleasant. So we decided to visit a Park modeling company. Here we went into several of Park’s models and the best designs for our needs were the smallest at 400 square feet similar to tiny houses. A couple of the ones we love, one cost $ 59,000 and the other $ 64,000, plus delivery.

But honestly, looking back at all the places we’ve visited doing our homework, when the time comes, we are inclined to live in a small apartment or an RV. In a small, 1-bedroom apartment, we would get the same square footage that we need as a small house. We don’t have to make a big investment, just pay rent and utilities. No garbage or yard maintenance, no building maintenance, plus we can move in after the lease is up.

Another option, if we were to buy a motor home, the investment would be much less than entering a small house. Why? We would not have to buy a lot or land, we would not have to install a septic tank, which we know is optional, but we would want one. A septic tank, electrical and water installations would make it a better resale value if we wanted to move, as well as making life in the small house easier.

Always keeping in mind that one of the best advantages of having a small house on wheels is that you can move when you need to. But we can do this with the RV too and a lot easier because all it does is rent the place.

Another way of looking at it is, if we own a house, a small house, a shipping container or a park model, we would always have to make arrangements for the additional expenses. On the other hand, the additional expenses of a motor home would be only the place where the electricity is parked the most. I know there are small off-the-grid homes, solar panels, compound toilets, and many more options for less expense, but we’d rather have the same comforts of a large life with the touch of a small home.

Currently, monthly expenses are approximately $ 600 for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home (Wi-Fi, landline, cable TV, water, electricity, yard maintenance, taxes, insurance, garbage collection), plus the mortgage. . On the other hand, if we decided to live in a long-term RV park resort area, the monthly rent for the parking lot would be about $ 640 with a lake view, plus electricity. But think about it … Someone who lives in the trailer park told us that his monthly electric bill was $ 40 and that he had the air conditioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not bad, long term RV park is a resort and has hot tub, pool area, fire pits, 2 BBQ areas and outdoor kitchen, gazebos, free dog washing area, walking area for pets, concrete parking areas, gated, security, mailboxes, garbage collection area, laundry, gym, recreation area, business office, free cable tv, free Wi-Fi, additional parking and all stores nearby convenience stores. For us it would be like being on vacation every day! We would only need to buy the motorhome with the square footage we need. Do you have to move or do you want to move? Take it away!

A smaller life alternative has not been ruled out. How about a houseboat? We still have to look for this one. This is a thought that we cannot get rid of. We want to study the possibility of visiting some real estate houseboats and find out what the prices are, the monthly fees for being on the water, and the pros and cons of living in a body of water. I guess it all depends on where you are. Does anyone reading this article own a houseboat and can give us some information? We would certainly appreciate it!

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