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Learn to read tarot cards: take the first 2 steps to read tarot cards for yourself

Before you can learn to read tarot cards, you must choose a deck of tarot cards. Some say they must be given to you, or you must find them: that is not the case (although, if you really believe that to be true, then of course it will be true for you). While it’s amazing if someone hands you a deck, or if you discover one in your grandmother’s attic, that’s not how most tarot card readers today find their decks. Look at them (all the cards in the deck that you think you like) and feel them. If a dealer won’t let you feel them, go somewhere else (you don’t have to go to a psychic fair, even popular bookstores like Borders carry tarot cards these days. You may not find as large a selection though. as if you go to a self-help/spirituality/new age store). Choose the deck you like best and go ahead and buy it yourself.

Once you have a tarot deck, you’ll want to do things like cleanse it (not with water, but with incense smoke or burning sage), bless it, or adhere the tarot deck to yourself (infuse it with your energy), and store it in a nice handkerchief. silk or in a box. Now, once you have used your own psychic energy (your thoughts, infused with your spirit) to clear the vibration of commerce and other people from your new tarot deck, you are ready to do a reading. Well almost. That is, you first want to choose a format, or how many tarot cards you are going to draw, in what order, and what you are looking to learn from the tarot cards when you draw them (of course, you will shuffle the cards well, or ask the querent (person for the one you are reading) to shuffle and cut them at least 3 times with your left hand first).

An easy reading to start with is the 7 day tarot card reading. A seven-day reading gives the querent what he expects: a reading that covers what energies will be present in the next seven days. After shuffling and cutting the cards, the reader will deal seven cards, in a horizontal row. Then, before analyzing the cards, the reader will deal seven more cards, one on top of each of the previous seven cards. Two cards are required for each day because the focus of a psychic reading is always energy. AND, energy is always in motion.

The first set of tarot cards reflects the energies for the next day. It is important that the tarot reader pay attention to the possible interactions of the two cards and therefore the two energies. What must also be considered is the energy of the querent. I have found that the querent’s energy is often reflected in the position of the card. For example, if the card is positive, like the Wheel of Fortune, and it falls upright in the reading, the querent will interact with the positive energy in a positive way and a positive outcome is likely: a great day. with some goal accomplished.

However, if the wheel of fortune comes out reversed (or similarly, if it is covered by another card that is not as positive, such as the ten of spades), then the outlook for that day is not so positive, and the letters are more difficult to read. Perhaps the querent will have a great opportunity, but will adopt an inappropriate posture and not realize the potential positive energy. Perhaps the querent will get the benefit of the energy, but will have to overcome some drama or other obstacle before reaching the goal. One benefit of using circular tarot cards, such as the Motherpeace tarot by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel, is that the card can fall, not only upright or inverted, but it can also fall a little to the right, a little to the right the left, or far to the right, or far to the left. A pie chart can land in any position and can give you a higher degree of variables.

The next two cards will reflect the energies for the day after the reading, and so on, until the reader details the querent’s (or their own) next week. The reading will become less accurate as time passes. This is because reading tarot cards and fortune telling are prophetic arts. And, people change all the time. When a person changes, his energy changes. Thus, the way in which the person interacts with the energies that come into his life will be different. In the longer term, a change in a person’s energy will ultimately affect what energies enter their life, making any previous readings even less accurate. The reason a psychic reading tends to be relatively accurate is because most people don’t change very quickly or very often (there are many exceptions to this generalization). Use this information to remind yourself that every day is a new opportunity to change the way we interact with the world, and thereby change the world in which we live.

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