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How to write a good article that always gets published

If you have submitted an article, tell EzineArticles, and it was rejected, don’t throw away the article yet. Improve your writing skills online! Here are 10 tips on how to write a featured article so it always gets published.

1. Check the rules of each article directory or blog. Maybe you missed something simple that you can now easily correct. And be sure to email the editors or the person who finds a problem with your article and fix it.

2. Know what type of article is published the most. The favorite is the article “how to” or “tips”. To make it even better, use numbered points for the middle section of your article. Publishers want you to share their unique information to entertain and inform. They don’t want an advertisement for their business. They also don’t want liquid soup. Give what you have and don’t worry about giving too much.

3. Know the favorite extension of an article to send. Most directories and blogs need between 600 and 700 words. It is not easy for experts who know a lot. But KISS -Keep it Simple Sweetheart- is a good rule of thumb. Don’t just write short articles to retrieve links; Always think about the quality that distinguishes you from the average.

4. Include a brief introduction and conclusion to each article to end it properly. Today we see blog posts without those, but add them if you use blog pieces to submit to article directories.

5. Make your title sizzle and long-tail keywords rich. Without a good title, no one will even read your article. And, if you want more inbound links to your site, make sure you have a low competition keyword phrase in the title. But don’t sacrifice keywords to optimize your article for the great headline.

6. Avoid the 20 articles for $ 5 each approach, even if you don’t want to write them yourself. These articles are too general and will not have specific examples showing you as original and expert.

7. Avoid duplicate content in several ways. Stop submitting the same article to multiple sites. Instead, choose just a few of the highest-traffic sites to submit to. Be sure to enter your original article and your revised version in the dupecop.com program. You’ll want 50% or more unique content for any article after the first. Remember, Google penalizes you for duplicate content, so why spin your wheels and waste your time?

8. Create a mind map or article outline. For the middle, write your tips numbered. Then expand with examples to get the best length, about 700 words. First write the gist of the article (the body). Then write the introduction and conclusion at the end. Make it just a few sentences.

9. Stay on topic with each article so that your article is clear and easy to read. Like me, you may know a lot about your topic and add information to be helpful. But, if you are off topic, it will only muddy the waters and make your article difficult to read. Just get your points across. When your points support and relate to your title, you have vastly improved the writing style of your article.

10. Avoid rotating programs. Change the parts of your article yourself.

Use new phrases and words in your second version. Cut the second version in half, then you will surely get 50% exclusivity. However, lengthen a tip article from a few to ten items to get a 50% unique version.

11. Extra tip. Research the resource box in your article. You’ll want to link to a free report, ebook, or ezine to increase the number of unique visitors. Add a link at the bottom just for search engines to optimize a particular web page (product or service) that you want to feature.

Now, you’re on your way to making your articles work for you, giving you inbound links, targeted traffic, and making you a household name in your field.

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