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How to protect yourself while playing Airsoft

Playing Airsoft most likely starts out as a hobby, and if you’re interested in military simulations, or just running across a field and shooting people with fake guns, you might decide to buy your own gear. The pistol will come first, as well as some extra batteries or gas canisters and lots of ammo as well. To practice, you can buy a lens to practice at home or in your room.

When you get to the stage where you want to use your new weapon as part of a large-scale Airsoft game, you will also need to purchase your own armor and protection. When playing organized play, you don’t have the option of not wearing armor, as this is usually a requirement to play. A face question and glasses are a minimum requirement and the rest of what you wear is up to you. You may also want to consider whether you are trying to emulate a certain type of strike force. What protection do they use? If you want to turn Airsoft into a proper simulation, this can be important.

Safety glasses are a must have for anyone who plays Airsoft. Even if you are not thinking of playing outside and are just taking practice shots in your room, you should wear protective goggles. The BBs in an Airsoft pistol travel at very high speeds, even after bouncing off a wall at 10 meters, so you must be protected at all times. A minimum requirement to play a proper airsoft game is to wear eye protection. A modern automatic airsoft rifle will send hundreds of BB shot in your direction at speeds of over 300 feet per second. If one hits him in the eye, it will most likely blind him or cause serious damage. Wearing protective goggles and a full face mask protects you from these types of injuries.

Body Armor can also be used to protect yourself when playing Airsoft. Small plastic BB rounds fired by an Airsoft pistol can hurt if they hit unprotected skin. Although they are much smaller than a paintball, they can still sting and bruise the skin. Also, BB gun shots aren’t hollow like paintballs, so they don’t shatter when they hit their target. This means that the impact can be greater and cause more pain (temporary). To overcome this risk, you can wear a vest that protects your body. It contains thin and light plastic plates that will prevent the balls from causing too much pain. These vests look great too and can add to the overall look of a player and the atmosphere of the entire game.

Once you start playing Airsoft a bit more, you will find that you have to carry a lot of things. Gas canisters, spare ammo, and batteries are common for most players. These can also be quite easy to drop while gaming and may not be easy to find afterwards. Most players buy a tactical vest to help them with this problem. A tactical vest allows you to store many items in small pockets and you use it like a jacket, so your movement is not restricted, as it would be if you had a backpack. The vest does not provide much protection to the user, but it is perfect for carrying your spare BBs.

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