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Home Remedies For Head Lice – Get The Facts Here

Before we get started on home remedies, let’s go over some facts to know about head lice and nits.

1. Lice are parasitic insects that live in the hair and scalp of humans. They must have blood to survive.

2. Lice are easily transmitted from person to person by direct contact.

3. Regardless of personal hygiene, anyone can contend.

4. Nits are lice eggs, usually yellow to white in color, and attach to the hair shaft. They hatch in 7 days, so fast processing is necessary.

5. Adult lice are about the size of a sesame seed, have six legs, and are grayish-white in color.

6. Lice don’t jump, they crawl.

7. They will not live more than 2 days if they are shed from their body.

Now that we have talked about some facts about head lice, let’s talk about home remedies for head lice. Some home remedies work very well, while others won’t work at all. One of the most common home remedies for head lice is to use mayonnaise to smother them. Although this sounds good, it is a complete myth. The only thing that mayonnaise will do for you is make a mess.

Another common home remedy for head lice is to use Vaseline or Vaseline to suffocate the lice. Although this can work, it would take a long time to completely get rid of the lice. Do not try this home remedy. You will find yourself trying to get drops of Vaseline out of yourself or your child’s hair.

Another of the home remedies for lice that is usually tried is gasoline or kerosene. DO NOT try this at all. Flames can, and many times will, burn when applied to hair. These products should not be applied to the hair or any other part of the body.

To get rid of head lice, you need home lice remedies that work. You must treat the person with lice, the people who live with them, and the home. After applying the correct home remedy for lice, wash all clothes and spray the house with a lice-killing spray.

Reasons to use home remedies for head lice:

1. Subscribe and buy lice killing formulas can be very harmful.

2. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use lice medication.

3. Lice medication cannot be used on the eyebrows or eyelashes.

4. Home remedies for head lice are safe to use.

5. Home remedies for head lice can be used over and over again.

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