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Great hotel near Big Bear

Calling all San Diegans to have a good time! The Hampton Inn and Suites Highland offers great accommodations for the weekend traveler looking to have a good time. Located just 30 miles from Big Bear Ski Resorts in California, and 2 miles from San Manuel Casino & Bingo, there is always something to do! With excellent accommodations provided by Hampton Inn and Suites and HMG hotel management company, your stay will be fun and enjoyable. San Diegans never want to miss out on a good time. Spend the day skiing in Big Bear, which is just 30 miles away, then spend a few hours indoors at the San Manuel Casino & Bingo before heading back to your luxury hotel. If you need anything while you’re on vacation, the management staff at this hotel will make sure it’s received promptly and with a smile. The snow at Big Bear Ski Resorts is second to none. Whether you’re skiing for the first time or have long enjoyed the sport, Big Bear Ski Resorts has exactly what you’re looking for.

The resort offers a wide variety of rentals, lessons, and other activities. If it gets too cold, Big Bear Ski Resorts offers lodges, shops, restaurants and more to enjoy. Snow is a far cry from hot, sweltering days at the beach, and it’s a welcome relief for many. After a hard day at the ski resort, come spend a few hours laughing and having fun at the San Manuel Casino & Bingo. Whether you enjoy table games, slot machines, or a game of bingo, San Manuel is the place to be. Located just 2 miles from the Hampton Inn and Suites Highland, it’s a short drive back to the hotel when you’re ready to call it a night. Whether you’re vacationing away from the crazy chaos of San Diego for a weekend or a week, you’ll find plenty to do just a few miles from this luxurious hotel managed by a leading hotel management company. Enjoy the snow at Big Bear Ski Resorts after spending time in the salty air of San Diego’s beaches. Hang your luck and win a few bucks at San Manuel Casino & Bingo for hours of laughter and fun. All of this conveniently located within 30 miles of the hotel where you are greeted with a smile and a welcome every time you walk in. What are you waiting for? Make your reservations today! Have fun snowboarding in Big Bear before summer hits!

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