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Get A Lower Golf Score: A Simple Technique To Make Your Next Round More Enjoyable

Golf can be a frustrating sport. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a more advanced player, you can always get a lower golf score. The key to lowering your handicap is learning to groove consistently with whatever club you need to hit the ball 150 yards. If you can hit this club well every time, your score will improve dramatically.

I can absolutely crush my driver. I hit it anywhere between 280 and 320 yards. Unfortunately, with added distance comes increased risk. There’s nothing worse than making a good pair, or a birdie, and following up with a snowman. During my last few rounds, I have taken a different approach.

Rather than hitting a driver off the tee, I choose to hit my 7-iron. When I practice, I spend most of my time with this club. I know with almost 100% confidence that with this club I can hit the ball just where I want. After my first shot, I use my 7 iron again, leaving me with 100-125 yards to the green. As I have been concentrating a lot on my 7 iron, my 9 iron has also improved. For my third shot, I take a nice easy 9-iron and shoot the ball to the center of the green. From there, I just two-putt and walk away with a 5, instead of the potential 8 when I drive.

Learning to drive par 4s and 5s on my home course has resulted in lower golf scores more often than not.

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