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From Darwin – Evolutionism to Intelligent Design – Inevitably!

No rational mind, given the evidence of buttons and buttonholes in a garment, would deny that both “intelligence” and “design” played a role in the creation of such a garment. Mystery of mysteries, however, the brightest and most educated in our culture reject such considerations for infinitely more sophisticated living organisms, insisting (dogmatically) that they somehow evolved by chance: the occasional mere “copying errors” ( when the double helix splits). , reproducing itself) from one of the 3 billion base pair elements of DNA – just miscellaneous errors, but somehow perfectly and fortuitously sequentialproducing complex plants, animals, humans!

The attitude of the intellectual elite – the smartest and best educated leaders of society, the editors of the New Yorker magazine, columnist Richard Cohen, Judges and others – is that:

  • Darwinism is a proven scientific fact;
  • Creationism, disguised as Intelligent Design, is just a religious zeal that seeks to bring Religion into the classroom;
  • Such teachings must be repressed by expelling the teacher. (The recent documentary film “Expelled” and books on similar topics describe the consequences of teaching a competing theory, such as Intelligent Design. Remarkably, a century ago fear of similar backlash caused even world-class scientists to do the same thing.) unthinkable:
  1. Dr. Charles Walcott, Director of the Smithsonian Institution, in 1909, discovered 60,000 fossils in the Canadian Rockies from the all-important Permian Age, but reburied them in lockers in the basement of the Smithsonian, fearing personal criticism, because presented challenges to Darwin’s theory. all the fossils showed fully formed extant creatures. This great treasure trove of fossils, the largest ever found, was recently rediscovered.
  2. Dr. Albert Einstein, considered perhaps the greatest “thinker” of all time, added a “cheating factor” to his field equations so that the expanding universe they described would have a “constant” size, to avoid inference to the first line of Genesis. He later admitted: “It was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Pro-Darwin scientists, no doubt firm believers in his theory, are convinced that life originated when lightning struck an inorganic pool of prebiotic “soup”, and then evolved into all life forms by “random mutations” and “survival of the fittest”. However, as truthful scientists, they describe their efforts to validate Darwinian evolutionism with honest admissions of the mysteries found in their research: “almost like a miracle”; “How could this come from that?”; “but what came first, like the chicken and the egg?”; and “if so, there would seem to be very little difference between a Darwinian explanation and a frank admission that a miracle was in the works!”; etc. Such candid acknowledgments by pro-Darwin scientists demonstrate: they cannot prove what their defenders claim.

Note 1. A challenge to Darwinism at the basic creature level is the argument from compound improbabilities: chance sequential chance mutations (Darwin’s basic theory is that “misprints” of single elements in the split of the double DNA helix occur randomly). According to Darwin, errors that improve survivability in the competition for life are passed on to offspring; however, if they are disadvantageous, the creature does not survive and the mutation is interrupted. How then to explain the bird – it escapes predators because it can fly – and it flies because of wings, feathers, a light body, twig legs, a simple digestive tube, and a beak for eating worms and seeds? Each of these characteristics should be the result of chance mutations of a main creature type; however, how can an honest Darwinist really believe that each attribute resulted from an initial random mutation and that all of them just happened to occur simultaneously.

Note 2. However, it is unquestionable that Darwin’s theory does apply to life, but at the secondary level of subphyla, after the initial organism (somehow) came into being; thus, the variety of beak shapes of finches (adapting to food sources), fur colors of humans and bears (optimizing against the strengths or weaknesses of extreme sunlight that threaten life in various areas of the world where the ancestors originated: Africa, India, Northern Europe, etc.) – “Moths, pansies and dogs can change color and size, but they are still moths, pansies and dogs”.

However, opposing Darwinian evolutionism is a pantheon of scientists and mathematicians with a litany of overwhelming scientific disputes, presenting the astronomical improbabilities of Darwinian evolutionism in all relevant scientific fields.

By logic, therefore, since no theory can be proven or disproved, but with the unquestionable mathematical implausibility of Darwinism (by default, not faith), Intelligent Design has to win intellectually as the most reasonable theory for the causal factor of life on Earth!

Recognizing, however, that the ruling authorities of Western culture have strong beliefs in Darwin-Evolution, the inevitable culture clash is evidenced in expressed convictions: “humanity is nothing more than an accident of nature”; “man might never have existed”; “So there is no moral authority higher than man!” With such a belief system and no moral or ethical restraints, man’s uninhibited curiosity has already been unleashed:

  • Cloning of sheep and dogs, supposedly achieved.
  • Human cloning?
  • Animal-animal mating – sperm-ovum?
  • Human-animal mating – sperm-egg?
  • Many genetic experiments are being reported in various countries, with Drs. Frankenstein freaking out in his labs, disregarding the possible nightmarish risks of unintended consequences!

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