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Dumb Me Down, Scottie

Languages ​​have become more dynamic, they are in a state of change, acquiring new vocabulary from other cultures. English is particularly adept at borrowing from other languages.

There are more foreign loan words in German than the other way around: computer, car rental, fast food, to name just a few. They are often elements of everyday life with practical use.

Even an innocent few of the French survive as a restaurant, although it got rid of the French fries that were politically corrected to French fries to freedom.

The English language already contains a number of words that originate from the German language: Blitz, Lebensraum, Zeitgeist, Schadenfreude, and Gestalt (some are more respectable, some less tainted than others). All are summaries, their concepts are better understood in their original currency than the English equivalent.

I am propagating another. It is the right time. Daily political events and their reports in the mainstream media are clamoring for Volksverdummung. For once, the German word is shorter than its translation: deliberate deception of the public.

Let me give you some examples that, coincidentally, all have to do with all-time gas highs. In their latest segment, How to Survive the Crunch and Shock at the Gas Station, CNN and its medical guru, whom I adore, advise walking more: saving gas and losing weight. What a novel idea! Smaller cars need less gasoline. Plain! Drive slower to reduce gas consumption. Are all comments and gratuitous insults in front of consumers, or are Americans still sleeping and totally ignorant?

About a week ago, the prevailing wisdom emanating from the White House was a gas tax exemption to ease the burden on consumers. It’s no big deal for people like Bush and McCain, or they have their own oil well, free use of cars, or access to a money-minting press.

Now Bush and his political twin, McCain, had a brain wave. Offshore drilling, off the table since disasters like the one off the Santa Barbara coast in 1979, could be the answer to the current oil price debacle. Governor Crist of Florida, elected by promising not to drill in the Everglades, etc., made a radical change so as not to ruin his chances as McCain’s running mate.

Chevron spokesman Mickey Driver, speaking with NPR today about the challenges of offshore oil rig construction, admits that we won’t see prices drop anytime soon because of this. Neither politicians nor oil companies have yet answered the question why the millions of acres (ca. 68) that are already leased are not being drilled to increase production.

However, last year, the Department of Energy (DOE) reported that lifting the moratorium on OCS (outer continental shelf) drilling “would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas prices before 2030 “, which is long after investments in alternative energy sources would have a much greater impact on lowering gas prices for consumers:” Projections in the DOE OCS case indicate that access to the Pacific regions , Atlantic and eastern Gulf would not have a significant impact on national crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030 … However, because oil prices are determined in the international market, it is expected that any impact on average wellhead prices is negligible. ” (Quotes taken from the official press release: http://www.house.gov/apps/list/press/fl20_schultz/DrillingFacts.html).

In the years that followed the Club of Rome’s disastrous predictions (1970s) that oil resources would be depleted in decades, we consumers heard the litany prayed by both oil-producing companies and their cronies, that is, politicians like Bush and he confesses that one would start looking for alternatives to get out of dependence on oil. Hydropower, solar power, wind turbines, all great, but sadly not yet feasible as gas prices weren’t high enough. How high is exactly high enough? Answer: To justify investing and making money with these alternatives. This mantra has been repeated over the years. Now having reached approx. $ 140, no convincing attempt is being made here yet.

You hear about little dark countries like Iceland and Denmark that are practically independent of oil and depend on the power of turbines. Solar energy is a great Germany that is a technology leader in the field. Where is the United States, Florida? Where I live, they have enough hours of sunshine to contribute to the electricity grid. Instead of perpetuating billions of dollars worth of oil subsidies, the Republican Party is still not talking about energy conservation, but wants to waive the moratorium on drilling.

Nobody in the Republican Party listens to NPR? His engaging, unbiased, and non-derogatory discussions with inviting experts on topics like offshore drilling today are easy to follow and excel in their depth of information. Many politicians, who are not bribed, assigned and pressured too much, would benefit from listening.

Perhaps another example from Volksverdummung would have been more convincing, for example, the reasons that led Americans to believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that they would welcome us as liberators, that the war would pay for itself; ironically because of the oil. I hope the concept has overcome the language barrier.

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