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Christmas games for adults that are silly, quiet, fun, and more

Who said Christmas games are just for kids? Christmas games are for grown-ups too, and they don’t have to be serious. After all, adults like to play games to relive some silly childhood moments. Get the Christmas fun started with these fun Christmas games for adults.

Silly Adult Christmas Games

Is your group looking for an excuse to be silly? Why not choose a Christmas game based on being silly? Give each team a pair of pantyhose and eight balloons. When the game begins, the team inflates the balloons into the legs of the hose. To ensure that the game is totally fair, the pantyhose must be queen size and the outfits must be equal in size.

The game ends when someone puts all the balloons on the legs of the pantyhose, puts on the stuffed “antlers” and sings the first verse of the holiday favorite, “Jingle Bells.” When everyone is done with the game, take photos of all your friends in fun balloon horns and pantyhose.

Relay Christmas games for adults

Do your friends enjoy relay games? Why not make your own Santa beard? Place two oversized bowls filled with cotton balls and a jar of petroleum jelly. Apply petroleum jelly to each team member’s chin. The 2 teams should each have about 5 people. The first player in each row runs to one of the bowls to grab cotton balls and glue them to their greasy chins. When as many cotton balls as possible are stuck to their chins, the players run to the next player to give them a turn.

When the whole team wears a Santa beard, they are the winners. This is another Christmas game that really asks you to take photos so you can show them off for years to come. Have water and towels on hand to remove the petroleum jelly when the game and photoshoot is over.

Quiet Christmas games for small groups

Are your friends a small, quiet group that prefers less demonstrative games? Why not pack a bag for Santa? The game starts when you say, “I packed a suitcase for Santa and put on some socks.” The next player continues by saying, “I packed a suitcase for Santa Claus and put some socks and books on it.” As each player continues, he includes all the items listed and adds his own element. When you lose an item from the list, you are out of the game.

Kids Inspired Christmas Games For Adults

Do your friends love to relive their childhood during Christmas? Why not give your guests a chance to make it to your Christmas party with a fun game that reminds them of a childhood favorite? Go on your own Christmas scavenger hunt with search teams of 4 or more. Create item lists for teams to come back to.

You can keep the search local at your home or within the neighborhood area. Include holiday items in your scavenger hunt, such as a red stocking, a sprig of holly, and a small wreath. If you decide to extend the treasure hunt around the city, it becomes even more exciting. Have your guests buy a Christmas-themed cereal box or take a photo to show that they visited the local Christmas tree. Get creative and make the hunt action packed. Everyone loves this Christmas game because it reminds them of childhood. It’s a great way to socialize because as everyone works together they get to know each other better.

Christmas kissing games for adults

Who doesn’t love chocolate and kisses? Is this why Hershey’s kisses are so popular at Christmas? Divide your group into two teams with two bowls of Hershey’s Kisses on each side of the room. Give each team a really great set of gloves or mitts. The first person in line runs to the bowls and must unwrap and eat the kiss with bulky gloves. Once this is done, the player runs back to tag the next person and give them the gloves. When all team members are the first to enjoy their own kiss, the group wins.

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