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Challenges of custom software development and mitigation

It goes without saying that today’s businesses would feel powerless without a computerized environment. Various sophisticated hardware and software run today’s businesses. A semi-automated work culture has prevailed for decades and more and more automated processes are taking place. At the same time, considering the different environments and resource management in organizations, there is a growing need for specialized software that suits the needs and is also cost-effective to purchase and use. Realizing this need for custom software implementation in organizations from small to large scale, software development companies have stepped up to bridge the gap between demand and supply. However, several challenges remain that hamper the software development and implementation process in these organizations.

Let’s discuss more about the challenges of custom software programming. The entire planning and production process can be really challenging. Before the actual work begins, the responsible team must consider the obstacles and make a complete test strategy to address the contingencies and reach the goal. This is an attempt to briefly discuss the issues and how they can be diligently and competently mitigated.

experience requirement

Domain experience is very important when developing a specialized plan for any particular industry-specific solution. A person who is well versed in the processes and resource management in that area can help visualize the big picture and, in turn, help write down the requirements. Based on user requirements, an interface is planned that is effective for its use and training of other users. However, finding domain expertise can always be a development challenge. Initial architecture processes often stall due to the absence of dedicated team members. The mitigation for this type of challenge is securing an expert who is on top of the details of the business. Another solution to this problem could be to ask the business owner to provide the required information that can be documented to meet the demands of the benefit.

Lack of certain Goals

Although organizations choose a solution that meets their special needs, they do not have exact specifications or set goals. This problem can fall into several categories, such as undefined outcome, no timeline, lack of clarity on ROI, and further deployment of funds if more additions are needed.

Mitigation of such issues is complex and often requires an external consultant who can independently assess the entire process and impartially make required solutions available.

communication gap

Often in the case of outsourced development there is a gap in communication and at a later stage reversal is very difficult.

Mitigation: Before actual development begins, standard operating processes should be established that not only address communication issues, but also address reporting and documentation of progress.

costs control

Either side of the development process, be it the client or the development company, must bear the costs. Uncontrolled costs can make things difficult for any of them.

Mitigation: Transparency and cost estimation before the development process begins is important. Information accuracy and resource planning and reporting and allocating some funds for situations that are beyond the capacity of stakeholders can help resolve issues in a better way.

While the above issues are the most frequently reported challenges, there could be other challenges, such as the availability of better technologies in the market, changing scope of business, disruption of catastrophic events, or even the loss of key team members. that can hinder the whole process. However, teams must always be prepared and take the necessary steps to meet the deadline.

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