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Anger management made easy

Have you ever noticed that your anger is generally directed towards your partner, your parents, your children, and your best friends more than anyone else in the world? And do you know why this is so? How is it that we end up punishing those we say we love so much so often?

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Where to look for your Doberman puppy

Dobermans are very well adapted dogs, loyal and trustworthy to their masters, so if you are considering adopting a Doberman puppy and want that puppy to grow into a healthy and happy adult, then you should pay close attention to the source of the who gets that puppy.

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Masters of disguise

Gene Hackman once lamented that the worst thing about becoming a famous actor is that you lose the ability to observe people without being noticed. But some artists are so good at disguising that notoriety is not an obstacle. One such example was John Barrymore trying to buy

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