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5 Cat Tricks You’ve Never Heard Before

Most cat owners feel “in the dark” about their cat’s needs and wants. Here are 5 things your feline friend wishes they could tell you!

“I’m bored!”
It’s a common misconception that cats are a “set it and forget it” type of pet. Actually, cats need a lot more than full bowls of food and water. Mental stimulation is necessary to keep your feline happy, as they are naturally enthusiastic predators. Try making a kitty maze out of discarded cardboard boxes or DIY toys made from common items like toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.

“Scratching is natural and essential.”
If you didn’t know any better, you might think that scratching furniture and carpets is naughty behavior. But did you know that scratching is essential to your kitty’s well-being? Scratching not only conditions your cat’s nails and nail bed, but also helps her stretch her muscles and mark her territory. If Fluffy is destroying your furniture, give him a scratching post or two to satisfy his needs. For furniture scrapers, upright posts work great; For carpet scrapers, floor posts or mats are the solution. When shopping for scratching posts, try to find one with a material similar to kitty’s favorite no-scratch areas.

“I get most of my moisture from my food.”
Domestic cats evolved from desert-dwelling ancestors and are naturally designed to obtain water from food. Dry foods contain between 5 and 10% moisture, while wet foods reach 75%. If your pet is showing signs of dehydration or urinary tract problems, try increasing the amount of moisture in his food. This often helps dry out skin problems as well.

“I need dental care too!”
85% of cats have periodontal disease before they are 6 years old! When you start to notice dirt buildup on the surface of your teeth, or any redness/swelling near your gums, this is usually an indication that a cleaning is needed. Most vets offer teeth cleaning/dental cleaning services at their facility. In addition to regular cleanings, it’s important to establish a regular tooth brushing routine at home. Poor oral health can lead to bigger problems, like kidney problems, down the road.

“I can tell you A LOT with my body.”
Cats communicate a great deal of information without even emitting a peep! Pay attention to your cat’s ears, eyes, and muscle tension. In addition to body language, your kitty’s meows may also be fooling you! Cats often vocalize when they are hungry and purr when they are happy. But just like a human smile, purring could mean your cat is nervous, anxious, or excited. Purrs vibrate at 25-150 HZ, which is also the frequency that aids in physical healing and bone repair. So when kitty purrs during her nap, she’s actually working to keep her bones strong!

In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to your cat’s needs to ensure that you provide her with an enriched lifestyle. Meeting their needs properly can curb bad behaviors and strengthen your bond!

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