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The history and origin of dates

In the far away arid desert a healthy fruit grows on date palms that nourishes everyone from the toughest athletes to the most delicate babies. Whether you like Sukkari, Saggae, Ajwa or Medjool, the variety of dates is as wide and diversified as the ocean. With over 500

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my six convicts

In his book My Six Convicts, Donald Powell Wilson, an American professor of psychology, tells how, while conducting research in an American prison, he came across a convict who, in addition to being a master hypnotist, could also influence groups of people. with telepathy.

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die to heal

“Out of suffering have come the strongest souls; the most massive characters are marked with scars.” ~ Kahlil Gibran These words came to me the other day and I thought wow, this says it all! I decided to look up the words. dying Y heal in the dictionary. Synonyms

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